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Instantly discover your city's best restaurant

10 Alternatives to Flavour

Simple food discovery from restaurants to bakeries

You’ve heard about this restaurant for months. You’ve been looking forward to that dinner for days. When the food comes, it’s...average.

Foodetective is here to ensure this never happens to you again. You can always trust our Detectives, and this fact alone sets us apart from other review sites.

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Book reservations and discover the best restaurants

Reserve offers you the easiest way to book a table at the best restaurants in your city. Looking for a spot recommended by your favorite food publication? Or maybe just want something nearby? Book exactly what you're looking for in just a few taps!

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Skift Table
Reservations provider Reserve has struck a deal to be the exclusive provider of restaurant reservations on in the United Sates beginning in May. Reserve works with 1,000 U.S. restaurants in all 50 states. Only restaurants on Reserve's network will be available for booking on Expedia.
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Find best time & restaurants to meet your friends 🍺🍔🍺🍔

Orgaknife helps you to organise a plan to meet friends or anyone in seconds. Orgaknife is a fun and easy way to plan an hangout with friends or meetings with anyone. Explore 1000s of restaurants around the world which is ideal for travellers to keep track of their plans in any city.

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Think about how confusing it can be to send and receive countless texts with a group of friends just to figure out where to meet for dinner. Some of your friends want to eat Chinese food. Others prefer Mexican. You just want a juicy hamburger.
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8 Alternatives to Orgaknife

Swipe, vote & pick restaurants with your friends

KtchUp - Where Shall We Eat? is an app that lets you swipe pictures of restaurants to decide where to eat with your friends.

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Before apps decided to steal my thunder, I was once used something I called the casual dining rolodex. While I'm not one to frequent expensive establishments on a regular basis, I love checking out local eateries, and my general rule is to go to a new place at least once a month.
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