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Fing Desktop alternatives and competitors

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Great one-stop-shop tool for scanning and monitoring your local network. This troubleshooting toolkit offers you advanced features such as connectivity health checks, speed tests, notifications of connectivity issues and Internet outages for your Home ISP.
Top Fing Desktop alternatives
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  • Netler

    Access your active network interfaces, external ip and country and traffic statistics.


    - Active/inactive network interfaces

    - Local ip and mac-address

    - Gateway ip

    - External ip and country detection

    - Sent/received data and speed

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  • NetBeez

    NetBeez is a real-time network performance monitoring solution that detects network and application problems before users do. The platform uses small hardware sensors, like the Raspberry Pi, or virtual agents to monitor LAN and WiFi networks. NetBeez enables network administrators to quickly detect, troubleshoot, and repair network problems.

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  • GlassWire

    Extra security & privacy via network monitoring
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  • Where in the world is your computer connecting?
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  • NetBeez is a high performance network monitoring solution that enables network engineering teams to easily support work from home users. NetBeez collects diagnostics information about network performance and end-user experience, reducing troubleshooting time.
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