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5 alternative and related products to FILM3D

A fun and powerful 3D camera for iPhone 📸📱

FILM3D is a new way of bringing your photos to life with stunning 3D capture and beautiful, curated retro filters. We’ve taken the best of modern photo technology and combined it with new waves in the space of creative/computational photography to place the full power of a 3D camera right in your pocket at a fraction of the cost.

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5 Alternatives to FILM3D

QooCam is the world’s first 4K camera that combines the most innovative features of both 360° & 3D stereo filming technology. Thanks to its unique 3 lenses, IMU stabilizer, and cutting-edge depthmap tech, QooCam features shake free, after-shooting refocus, 120 FPS, and time-lapse capabilities.

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Can't decide between 360 shots or the pricier but more immersive 3D? The Kandao QooCam is a $399 camera that twists to swap between 4K 360 and 3D 180. Using depth mapping, that 180 view can also shoot first and focus later while both modes can capture stabilized video stitched in real time.
Last year I profiled a Shenzhen start-up named Kandao (which is Mandarin for "can see"), whose 8K 360-camera, the Obsidian, had just been singled out for praise by Facebook's VR chief Brian Cabral. Now the company is back with a more consumer-friendly 360-camera, which is more portable and cheaper than its older sibling (the Obsidian was priced at the profes… See more
​When it comes to recent technological advances in consumer video cameras, two of the big ones have been 360-degree interactive video, and 3D video. Kandao's QooCam is a three-lensed 4K/30fps camera that does BOTH, plus it allows you to change the focus in photos that have already been taken.
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LucidPix is a new iPhone and Android app that allows you to create 3D Photos that really pop! Now any smartphone can capture and convert 2D images into immersive 3D pictures, add fun 3D frames, stickers and text, and then share on social media or with friends.

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Whether you have a new phone like the or an older one like a Motorola Moto G6 or , you can now take 3D photos with your camera. It's all thanks to a new app called LucidPix.
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Want to make your photos pop, but don't own a dual-lens smartphone? The LucidPix app will soon allow you to turn existing 2D photos into 3D images using artificial intelligence. The app, currently in beta, was announced during CES 2020. A full launch is expected later this year.
Over the years, 3D has come and sort of gone, then come back again. We've seen it in the movies and in photography. After digital imaging got popular, I had a 3D Fuji camera, which was fun, but you either had to make expensive lenticular prints or watch on a 3D TV.
Depth maps? We don't need no stinkin' depth maps! AI vision startup Lucid has announced a new app called LucidPix that claims to convert regular 2D photos into 3D images without the need for multiple cameras, depth sensors, or any other kind of hardware help.
LucidPix has officially launched on iOS and Android as a 3D photo app after hitting a million downloads during its beta period. The artificial intelligence app takes existing 2D images on your smartphone and turns them into 3D images.
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