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Fidget Cube
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy

Fidget Cube is an unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Annoy everyone around you while you fidget at work, in class, and at home. ;)

7 Alternatives to Fidget Cube

Next generation interactive time tracker

TimeFlip is ultimately simple and user friendly IoT tool to help individuals and businesses track their time and workload. Unlike software tools, it is a physical device, that provides for radically different user experience, ease of use and instant adoption.

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No-one wants to waste time. We lead busy lives and must get used to multi-tasking and managing varied tasks, sometimes setting strict time limits on how long we spend doing something. This is the case for entrepreneurs, anyone who works at home, parents observing how long their kids spend watching TV over doing homework, and even for bosses checking office p… See more
If you're like me, and I'm going to assume you are for the purposes of this post, you like the idea of time tracking, but generally it's a bit too fiddly or complicated. TimeFlip is a super-simple gadget that lets you easily track how much time you spend on different activities just by flipping it ...
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Pierre-Marie Galite
Pierre-Marie Galite- mobile developer & advice giver
Just like the fidget cube, really cool to toy with
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Legit Gifts
The Infinity Cube is the most luxurious fidget toy on the market! This fidget toy will guarantee to keep you addicted and focused for hours on in. Bet you won't be able to put it down. Everyone's first reaction to this marvelous toy is "What is that?!".
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