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Eventologist alternatives and competitors

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  • Attendize

    Free, open-source ticket selling & event management platform
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  • A list of all design and front-end conferences around the world. You can filter by type, sort by date, and (soon) filter by country.
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  • TechEvents.co is an aggregator that collects tech events from Meetup.com, Eventbrite.com, Facebook and Lanyrd.com into a single source which can be filtered and ordered by popularity

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    It was great to see it grow from an initial concept and conversation!

    Very well executed Marty!

  • AweConf

    Awesome Conferences is a 🐳 free, πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬ collaborative and 🀲 open source project about the best (developer|designer|markerter|devop) conferences around the 🌍world.

    The main purpose is to create a πŸš“ trustworthy place where you can easily find out an interesting conference filtering items by 🏷 topic, 🏳 country or πŸ™ city.

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  • Konflist

    Konflist is a minimalistic app containing curated list of super awesome tech conferences all around the world!


    β€’ Minimalistic Design.

    β€’ Weekly updated conference list.

    β€’ 200+ tech conferences listed.

    β€’ Social sharing.

    β€’ Conferences sorted by countries.

    β€’ Conferences sorted by tech / topics.

    β€’ No ads.....Ever!

    Coming Soon on iOS

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  • Itching to share your hard earned knowledge with the world?

    Fieldtrips.io just added a feature for finding speaker opportunities in tech, code and design conferences around the world. Fire up your keynotes and blow your peers away.

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  • A collaborative project started to help mobile developers in finding more easily the beste mobile related conferences around the world.

    Technically speaking is a simple Github repository with a JSON file and two scripts: one in NodeJS and one in Python.

    Two mobile apps help user to stay updated thanks to push notification.

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  • Eventil is a website to find and discover programming/tech events and their participants: attendees, speakers & organizers.

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    Using it both as speaker and attendee for more than a year and like it.

  • Fetch Events (Beta)

    Fetch Events is a curated 🧐 list of of the best design and technology events around the world. We’re tired of having to sort through mass amounts of information around the web to find and keep track of great events and their dates, venues, ticket info, social media accounts or streaming links.

    We’re working hard πŸ”₯ on the final version of the website, but while it is not ready, there is no point in keeping the list just to ourselves. Check it out, give us your honest feedback and share it with your friends. And if you do like it, give us some love. 😘

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  • Social Spaces You Customize For Your Organization or Conference.

    Engage your conference or professional society in a seamless digitized experience. Feature multiple events on the map, and allow users to connect instantly based on similar interests. End of the day? Switch out of community mode to connect with travelers and locals near you.

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    i suggest you use it and tell us more, since I am part of CultureCloud, so we look forward from hearing you back.