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Netflix for kids books

Top alternatives for Epic!

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  • Bedtime Stories 2.0

    2 reviews

    Bedtime Stories is the Swiss Army Knife for storytelling. Providing all you need to practice your storytelling skills from just reading exciting and empowering stories from authors around the world or telling stories by your own.

    I'm happily using the new app version since last week; the subscription is great and helps a lot compared to the per-storyworld-payment in v…

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  • My Storytime

    1 review
    My Storytime helps you record stories when you’re apart and makes them instantly accessible back home through the Google Assistant. Inspired by an active duty military family, the Olivers, now every family can record stories and share them.
  • Campfire

    Physical books come to life with speakers & smart lights
  • Varnan

    1 review
    Free options
    Varnan brings the warmth of India to you, one story a day, every weekday. We write inspiring stories drawn from the history, culture, and heritage of India. And we tell the stories in ways that young children can understand, relate to, and learn from.
  • Storytime for Kids

    The Storytime app gives you access to tons of children's stories to read aloud. Anytime and anywhere. The free app contains unique stories and rhymes that you won't find anywhere else, written by enthusiastic parents and writers. The stories are suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years.

  • Plum Print

    Plum Print transforms those piles of your children's artwork into custom coffee table books! And the process is so simple for parents. Place a deposit, we send you an empty box, you drop artwork, schoolwork, sports trophies, etc into the box, we take care of the rest. We send you a digital proof to approve. Original materials returned upon request.

  • Novel Effect

    Novel Effect is the award-winning, FREE storytime app that helps YOU bring books of all kinds to life at home or in the classroom! Simply read aloud at any pace from your book and the app will play custom-made music and sounds effects timed to your voice. Novel Effect works with hundreds of bestselling and family favorite titles!

  • Librio Personalized Children's books

    1 review

    Librio personalized books take the beauty and wonder from traditional picture books and mix them with technology PH would be proud of. Combine that with the world's most advanced printing technology, $1 donation to literacy charities for every book sold and absurdly high quality 100% recycled paper and we believe you have something truly unique.

    Loving everything about it.

  • Bookroo

    Bookroo is a monthly subscription for kids ages 0-10. We combine the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new, treasured book! Each book is individually wrapped to help your child see reading as a gift.

    We enable and empower parents to build their children's book collections and help children to fall in love with reading!

  • Dojo Panda

    1 review
    Payment required
    Dojo Panda is a book subscription service for kids where we send a personalised box of books for your child, every month.
    Books are personalised based on the child’s age, prior exposure to books, reading level, interests and feedback from parents.
  • Emma on Atlantic

    1 review

    Emma on Atlantic is an engaging example of STEM in action, introducing children into the digital process of how AI can be used for creative projects.

    If you liked Ruby for introducing your kids to basic coding concepts then Emma is next on your bedtime kid reading list!

  • Read Your Story

    Very personalized printed children's storybooks
  • The Watch Kids

    A next generation digital book for kids
  • The Atypical Sketchbook

    Imagine how fun it will be to turn incomplete pictures of animals into creative artworks! These unique sketchbooks are the perfect gift for kids and adults who love to imagine, draw, paint and create.

    The Atypical Sketchbook of Cats and Dogs was the first version I launched, and due to the great impact it had at Amazon, I created the Pugs version.

    Currently I have made other versions of Atypical Sketchbook that will be on sale at June:

    - The Atypical Sketchbook of Pandas

    - The Atypical Sketchbook of Bulldogs

    - The Atypical Sketchbook of Wild Animals

    - The Atypical Sketchbook of Farm Animals

    Enjoy them!


    At Orbasics, our mission is to create the most beautiful and soft clothes for your children, in timeless designs, that not only look and feel good but do good by reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. A brand that you are proud to give to your kids at a price tag that doesn’t hurt.

  • Rivet

    Rivet is a fun and supportive reading app for kids. With 2,000+ free books at just the right level, quality reading practice for your kids has never been easier.
  • Miles And Mia

    Miles & Mia A to Z is an educational, picture book that teaches children different letters of the alphabet in a fun way. Featuring rhyming text and colourful original illustrations, Miles & Mia A to Z is sure to delight children of all ages as well as parents.

  • Red Antler Books

    Avoid over-toying: Reverse registry for children’s books
  • Amazon FreeTime

    Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is an all-in-one subscription for kids that offers unlimited access to over 10,000 kids’ books, movies, and TV shows for children 3 – 12 years old. This fun and educational app is filled with trusted brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, National Geographic and Amazon Originals for Kids.

  • Huey the Bookbot

    Huey asks about age, interests and reading ability to give you a personalised book list instantly.