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Build the foundation of your habits in a new and unique way
This is an iOS apps that helps you build the foundation of your daily habits and Envision your progress in a new and unique way.
Keep track of positive habits, diminish and break negative habits, build a better version of yourself.
4 Alternatives to Envision

A simple habit tracker for iOS

Habit app helps you create and maintain positive habits. Do daily yoga, meditate, drink more water, read books, skip social media, go to beds at one time or whatever you want to make to become better version of yourself.

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Delightful habit tracker for iOS 8 with Today view widget

Xavier Yelmo
Xavier Yelmo
Momentum is very visual, easy to use and packs (notes, recurring habits, weekly goals, calendar widget in Todays view…). And it syncs with the (free) Mac app!
Aleksandra- Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
I have a premium version of Momentum and have been using it for more than a year. Premium version gives me unlimited number of habits/ routines, because I definitely need more than 3! I love the app for a very simple overview of my daily habits and my progress (how many days in a week I actually stick to them). Really recommend it!
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
One of the most interesting features is that with Momentum, you can import your data into an Excel document, which allows for cross platform viewing of your progress.
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Unique tracking system powered by emojional intelligence

Paying attention to what you feel is the most powerful way to improve your day to day life. Tracking habits with emojis might seem silly... but there is at least one person for whom it worked out. :)

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This would be a quick personal story about how I got better with my habits. In 2018 I truly realised how important habits are. And what helped me a lot to have a progress was my bullet journal. But... no checkmarks and streaks! No, it was different.
11 Alternatives to Habit Tracker with Emojional Intelligence
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