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Encrypt My Photos
End-to-end encrypted photo storage 📸

Encrypt My Photos is End-to-End Encrypted 📸 Photo Storage powered by Blockstack.

18 Alternatives to Encrypt My Photos

this is a javascript app that provides secure file encryption using the AES-256-GCM algorithm from WebCryptoAPI included in your browser.
It's fast, secure and client-side, the app never uploads the files to the server.
the app can encrypt any type of files.

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Cryptee is an encrypted and secure home for your private photos, files, docs, and notes. It works on all your devices and provides a zero-knowledge place to keep all your sensitive digital belongings.

With on-device encryption, security and deniability at its core, Cryptee is a unified platform for all your personal privacy needs.

John Ozbay
John Ozbay
Cryptee can keep your Documents, Notes, Journals, Todo-lists and your Photos encrypted and safe. It works on all platforms, all devices, all OSes. Your key is never stored on your device, so say if you're hacked one day, your files will be safe, and even if Cryptee is hacked one day, your files will still be safe, as they are encrypted on your device, and no… See more
John Ozbay
John Ozbay
Take a look at this Joe! Just released this exactly for this purpose!
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👮Use decentralized identity to access your files from anywhere securely.

🔐All your files are stored encrypted with keys only you control (no centralized entities storing your keys/passwords).

🌎You have the option to choose where you store your data.

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Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps that you access through the Blockstack Browser. With Blockstack, there is a new world of apps that let you own your data and maintain your privacy, security and freedom.
A decentralized high-performance storage system. Contribute to blockstack/gaia development by creating an account on GitHub.
Blockstack is building an ecosystem that gives your users control over their fundamental digital rights: Identity, data-ownership, privacy, and security. Join us and help build the new internet.
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YourNote is a note-taking app that put user's first. With YourNote, your notes are -

🔒 Secure since you control how and where they are stored

🔑 Private since they are encrypted using your private keys

🌐 Open since they are stored in plain markdown format

With YourNote, the note you write in 2018 stays accessible in 2028, no matter what.

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The founder of YourNote here. YourNote is a user-first note-taking app. By user-first, we mean that user's personal data (which are the notes) are guaranteed to be secure and private if you use YourNote. This is achieved by using Blockstack and Gaia for user authentication and user data storage.
A little backstory before we get into the "why" - I have been taking notes for as long as I started using computers. In fact, the first software that I install on a new PC would be a way to take...
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Snap. Post. Paid. It's that easy.

Belacam is a photo-sharing platform like Instagram but with a twist. Each ‘like’ automatically sends a small amount of money from one user to another. Belacam works like any other social media site; users comment, post photos, follow others, and browse feeds, all while earning real money for posting good content.

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SocialVault allows you to securely store and browse your Facebook data. You can #deletefacebook and take all of your memories with you.

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Facebook has been in the press a lot recently, and not for good reasons. They've shown a constant disregard for user privacy, which has inspired many to #deletefacebook. However, if you've used Facebook for years, you probably have a lot of memories there with your posts, photos, comments, and more.
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Block Photos is a photo album that stores your photos encrypted on a storage provider of your choosing.

The Blockstack authentication and storage encryption makes sure only you can access your photos. The perfect solution if your privacy is important to you!

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The Nerdic Coder
I'm back with a new interesting project for you all to follow! I have decided to jump on the #100DaysOfCode challenge ( See more
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FileKit stores and transfers files in the cloud. Files are encrypted in the browser before being uploaded, and can be downloaded only by the owner and recipients, completely transparently.

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Nowadays, many applications use cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure. These services are very convenient; however, they have not yet cracked the data protection issue as the responsibility for data security is thrown right back at their clients.
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Oversec constantly monitors the text on your screen. When it finds an encrypted text, it tries to decrypt it and then shows the decrypted text as an overlay in place of the encrypted text.

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Built on Blockstack, Mevaul is a file storage and sync service that helps you store your personal and private files securely. It uses Blockstack and Gaia under the hood to give you true data privacy.

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EZ-N-Secure is an easy to use file encryption service that gives users full control of their data. Through our revolutionary keystore method, you can encrypt files and store or share them anywhere. You can also encrypt files for other EZ-N-Secure users through the contact system. We are offering a 6 month 50% discount, use the code PRODUCTHUNT

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