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8 alternative and related products to EmojiOne 4.0

EmojiOne 4.0

Complete redesign of 2,827 emoji for 2018 ✨

EmojiOne is a freemium emoji icon library founded in 2014. Our mission is to deliver maximum joy through masterful design. If you’re project or campaign needs beautiful emoji, we’d love to help. 💖

8 Alternatives to EmojiOne 4.0

Turn your text into emoji automatically

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Thanks for letting us know! Other Not enough details Hard to understand Emojis help us better express our emotions online and in text messages when words aren't enough. Despite this, the complexity of our thoughts and emotions still go far beyond the limited range of ideograms and smiley faces offered by the keyboard on our mobile devices.
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A simple yet powerful emoji manager for Mac

Emojise is an emoji manager for Mac.

Emojise lets you:

* enjoy bigger icons

* create and reuse emoji phrases

* apply skin tone globally so no need for setting same tone for each emoji

* search to easily find emojis

* use tightly integrated touch bar to select emojis

* add to / remove from Favorites, add keywords to emojis

* support for new emojis

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Wer auch auf dem Mac gerne mit Emojis hantiert und diese schnell und einfach einfügen möchte, der bekommt verschiedene Möglichkeiten geboten: Zum einen die Mac-eigene Emoji-Auswahl (Shortcut CTRL + CMD + Leertaste), zum anderen Apps von Drittentwicklern wie zum Beispiel Mojibar oder das von mir genutzte Rocket, mit dem sich Emojis im Slack-Stil einfügen lass… See more
Every now and again I come across a Mac app I would never consider buying but give it a try anyway and end up spending a few extra dollars. That's the case with an emoji manager app. Yes. There is a Mac utility app that can manage your emoji.
Si vous utilisez beaucoup les emojis sur Mac, Emojise [1.0.1 - US - 1,09 € - macOS 10.12 - Zafer ARICAN] pourrait vous intéresser. Il s'agit d'une application qui offre quelques fonctions en plus par rapport à la palette d'emojis de macOS (menu Édition > Emoji et symboles ou raccourci clavier ⌃⌘Espace).
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4 Alternatives to Emojise For MacOS

Animated emojis for all skin tones 💯

A wemoji is an animated emoji icon that's inclusive of all skin tones. Instead of needing 6 separate emojis (i.e., ✌ ✌🏻 ✌🏼 ✌🏽 ✌🏾 ✌🏿), now you just need one.

Designed to be used on websites, mobile apps, slide decks, or as Slack custom emojis.

8 Alternatives to Wemoji
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