Alternative products to Emojimo

7 alternative and related products to Emojimo

Turn your text messages into emojis, automatically
7 Alternatives to Emojimo

The emoji URL shortener (🍕💩.ws)

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In the last few months alone, emojis have transformed from 'fun things the Youngs do' into a truly ubiquitous phenomenon. Now there's a website to make emojis even more ingrained in Internet culture. Linkmoji is a fun project that does just what its name says: It turns text URLs into emoji links.
It was only a matter of time: Now links, which are not even technically words, can be turned into emoji with the help of Linkmoji. The service asks you to simply enter a URL, and it spits out a series of Unicode characters representing the site.
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Find relevant emojis from text on the command-line

Emoj is a command-line app to help you find emojis related to some text. Imagine you want an emoji that describes how hungry you are. If you write "i am hungry", it will come back with: 🍴 🍔 😩 🍕 🍟 🍝 😫

Vadim Demedes
Vadim Demedes
I'm really bad at finding the exact emoji I need, but this tool is a life saver for me - I just type a word and it displays all the relevant emojis. Neat!
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Turn your text into emoji automatically

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Thanks for letting us know! Other Not enough details Hard to understand Emojis help us better express our emotions online and in text messages when words aren't enough. Despite this, the complexity of our thoughts and emotions still go far beyond the limited range of ideograms and smiley faces offered by the keyboard on our mobile devices.
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Create an audio file of the webpage you're on to enjoy later

[note from Ambrose] Originally hunted last month, this is the original one. The Chrome extension launch will be coming soon.


We've all been there - you click onto a great article but you don't have time to finish reading it. Use this extension to convert the web page into an audio file you can listen to later.

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My Orator - Convert Web Articles into an Audio Podcast Feed. (Web App, Productivity, and News) Read the opinion of 8 influencers. Discover 6 alternatives like Voice Dream and Read Ruler
3 Alternatives to My Orator [unofficial PH launch]
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