Alternative products to Embr Wave

4 alternative and related products to Embr Wave

Embr Wave

A personal thermostat, directly on your wrist.

Embr Wave is a sleek wearable that solves the Goldilocks dilemma of “too hot” or “too cold” by delivering personalized thermal comfort that feels “just right.” Embr Wave does this by utilizing the Peltier Effect tor provide a dose of thermal relief at the touch of a button. Studies show that this gives you a body-wide sensation of thermal comfort.

4 Alternatives to Embr Wave

The all ages ultra-intelligent forehead thermometer 🌡

Comper is a smart forehead thermometer that will help you get track, record, analyze and use your body data

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The development team at Comper have designed and built a new intelligent forehead thermometer which they have launched via Kickstarter this month and already nearly raised their required pledge goal with still 20 days remaining. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the unique smart forehead thermometer that allows you to track, record and … See more
5 Alternatives to Comper Smart Forehead Thermometer
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