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10 alternative and related products to ElePass

A client password management tool

Digital agencies need to safely manage countless passwords for client staging sites, social media accounts, marketing automation applications and more. ElePass is a client password management tool designed with airtight security to keep your client data safe, while providing virtually effortless access for your employees and contractors.

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10 Alternatives to ElePass

AccessURL is a chrome extension to share account access.

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Ben Lang
Instead of wasting time changing passwords, sending passwords, just use this extension, it's a lifesaver.
Ben Lang
Forget sending passwords, use this extension and save tons of time and pain.
Jarred Sumner
I built AccessURL to solve this exact problem. With AccessURL, you don't even have to reveal your password to someone else - it relies on cookies instead. Over 100,000 people use AccessURL to share online accounts via a link now and it started right here on Product Hunt :)
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If you've ever read a password guide, one of the tenets - apart from having a strong password in the first place - is to never share your password with anyone else.
Chrome: Maybe you're working with someone who needs access to your accounts, or maybe you just want to share your Netflix with someone. Whatever the reason, if you want to share your online accounts without giving out your password, AccessURL allows you to do just that.
I've redesigned and built the dashboard from scratch. Re-login to accounts shared with you Sometimes people get logged out of their friend or colleague's account and need to get back in (or they're on a different computer). Before, you often had to dig through chat logs to find the access url.
6 Alternatives to AccessURL

1Password remembers them all for you. Save your passwords and log in to sites with a single click. It's that simple.

Sebastien Barrau
I love one password, I prefer it over lastpass as the password database is stored locally (If you choose).
Yes! It helps a lot!
After very strong recommendations by @andreasklinger and @mscccc I swapped by low-tech spreadsheet for 1Password and OMG I have not looked back. It's freaking changed my life and I swear by it. All my passwords are locked up and I can access them across all my apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) with ease. Plus, 1Password helps recommend lovely, super complex … See more
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