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Duolir alternatives and competitors

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Stories with subtitles to improve your language skills
Top Duolir alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Learn languages completely free.
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    Duolingo is great to quickly learn the basics of a language. However, you will need another app or service if you want to learn in deep.

  • Flowlingo helps you learn a language by immersing you in popular TV, news, videos, blogs, and more.

    If you don’t know a word or phrase, just tap it. Flowlingo will tell you what it means and automatically create a flashcard for future practice.

    22 languages are available.

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    Will use for the next couple of weeks and share my feedback. But great stuff! :)

  • Subtly is a browser extension that provides a unique opportunity to learn English while watching your favorite movies and TV shows with subtitles on Netflix. Today Subtly provides you with:

    - 10 languages into which you can translate the subtitles, including Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic

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    I like this product! It helps me learn English every day :)

  • FlipWord

    Intelligently integrate language learning into web browsing
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  • A full-text search engine of English spoken corpus.

    Find the context where English word or phrase is used or check if it is used by English speakers at all. Not sure if it's valid or not? Give it a try too!

    Here're a few sample queries:



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    Very easy to use. I immediately understand if a phrase correct or not

  • Type Studio’s auto subtitles generator goes mobile. 👉📱
    Add captions/subtitles to your video in the fastest and easiest way - all on your phone!
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  • MondlyAR, the 1st 🥇 Augmented Reality experience in the world that helps you learn languages using:

    ✅ speech recognition 🗣

    ✅ chatbot technology 🤖

    ✅ Artificial Intelligence 👾

    MondlyAR has been built in close collaboration with Google using Google’s ARCore augmented reality platform. The app is now available on Google Play.

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    I like the design and the idea, thank you!

  • 4Cards

    4Cards is an vocabulary App to learn great words to sound smarter during presentations, meetings & social gatherings. 4Cards teaches just 1 word at a time, 4 words in a day, which means a person can learn 1400+ great words in an year. 4Cards App also shows the meaning of the words in native language of the user for better memorisation of words.

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  • Learn the fundamental words of 28 language in your augmented reality via beautiful artistic low-poly 3D models! Drops is an effortless, visual language learning app which is loved by millions of language learners and Apple: featured in 100+ countries.

    Android Beta is coming soon!

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    Looking forward to the new AR improvements!

  • Backwords is a tiny tool that empowers your desktop. Every day one foreign word will be displayed in the background. Day by day, you'll learn a language right from your wallpaper.

    Currently available in four languages:

    • Chinese (Mandarin, simplified characters)

    • Korean

    • Japanese (Kanji)

    • Dutch

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    I'm a PC user so I can't use that app, but anyway is a great product!

  • 10,000 sentences

    Learn new words in foreign languages
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  • CaptionPop is the best way to experience YouTube as a language learner.

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  • NELA

    A chatbot for improving your language skills
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  • Keepest

    This app is for you to build your own dictionary and make your learning experience a breeze. It's completely free, no ads & no strings attached. Personal dictionary. Learn any language you want.

    Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/jacekm-git/Keepest-Android

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  • LingoBites

    Learn languages through stories
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  • Lingbe

    Practice a language with native speakers
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  • Daily Chinese is the simplest, most effective way to grow and keep track of your Chinese vocabulary. Our spaced-repetition review system gradually introduces new words each day while ensuring you never forget the words you already know. Start learning today!
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  • Fleex

    Improve your English by watching TV shows and movies
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  • Barney

    Barney is a useful and effective application for learning English. In just a few minutes a day, you can easily learn new words and put them into practice. Learn new words and Improve your reading skills in English from one of 5 different languages.

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  • gSubs

    gSubs is a desktop app that finds you the perfect subtitle match for your videos. Simply download now and drag and drop videos to get started. It was developed with simplicity and productivity in mind. gSubs consist of many useful features to make your life easier when you're about to watch a movie or TV series. Download now as it's open source.

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