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16 alternative and related products to doopoll

Create live, instant, editable polls effortlessly

doopoll is the platform for engaging audiences and gathering opinion. Create powerful yet simple polls that people will actually enjoy completing.

16 Alternatives to doopoll

Easily create forms as beautiful as you

Easily create powerful, beautiful forms. Check out Paperform V2!

Harry Ryan
Harry Ryan- Front-end Developer
Paperform is my go-to app whenever I need to create an online form or a landing page.
Tzuan Li
Tzuan Li
You can try this software. You can set up your own logic rules. Easy to use, and lots of templates to choose. :)
Dean McPherson
Dean McPherson- Founder of Paperform
Paperform is a great choice if you want a straight forward solution to create a beautiful landing page that can take payments and capture more complex event registration information at the same time. Checkout the templates for inspiration ->
6 Alternatives to Paperform

Get the feedback you need to build better products

Iterate makes it easy to learn from your customers with smart, user-friendly research tools that look and feel like your brand.

Omer Molad
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Check this out Sean. Let me know what you think.
Mike Singleton
Mike Singleton
We'll have this exactly product soon :)
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Startups are constantly talking about feedback from their users - having meaningful conversations with real users to figure out what they want, and how they can give it to them. But where are these conversations happening?
Writing a good survey is hard, getting a decent response rate is hard, collecting and analyzing feedback is hard. Our job is just to eliminate as many of those barriers as possible.
25 Alternatives to Iterate

The place where better product decisions happen

EnjoyHQ (Formerly NomNom) helps product and UX teams learn from customers faster. Search, organise and share all your customer feedback and user research in one place easily.

Sofia Quintero
Sofia Quintero- Founder and CEO EnjoyHQ
NomNom in a Customer feedback management for product teams - When your team wants to centralize all customer feedback, discover customer problems, do research for a new feature, collect evidence for your next sprint planning, share user research findings and more, NomNom has your back 👍
Preet Arjun Singh
Preet Arjun Singh- Founder, DesignX.Community
NomNom is a great tool that allows you not just to collect user feedback from multiple sources, but also helps analyze the data and identify key themes, and allows to group your findings automatically.
Christoph Janz
Christoph Janz- Partner at Point Nine Capital
Lets you search and organize all your customer feedback in one place.
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Customer Insights Blog
NomNom is now EnjoyHQHaving NomNom as a name was difficult. Are you a food startup? NomNom as in Om nom nom? It was an SEO nightmare. Competing with Cookie Monster was never a good strategy. But why did you choose that name?It was a cold winter night in London.
7 Alternatives to NomNom

Swipe based Surveys for the distracted mobile generation.

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We found it was very difficult to use traditional internet survey tools to collect market research data. One of the founders was taking break from these surveys by using Tinder and thought 'Hey! This is basically a survey!'. This is how Swurveys was born!
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User-centric analytics & triggers, driven by micro-surveys

Ben Novak
Ben Novak- Founded 3 startups, sold 1.
If you have your own users / website visitors you can research them with Gotcha
Ben Novak
Ben Novak- Founded 3 startups, sold 1.
You have your own custom questions or you can pick some from bank of queries, you can measure anything you want, from happiness to promoter score.
Ben Novak
Ben Novak- Founded 3 startups, sold 1.
Instant user feedback and viral loops with a single click
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See which companies are using Gotcha, compare its alternatives, and read reviews from verified users and experts
10 Alternatives to Gotcha
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