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Free In-depth email tracking for salespeople

Docsify is an accurate email tracking and email productivity suite. It provides email and attachment tracking as well as scheduling emails, templates and text shortcuts for Gmail. Our users spend their time smarter, close more deals faster and skyrocket their team productivity.

9 Alternatives to Docsify

Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

Mixmax is your Gmail right-hand. It shows you a read report of your emails, gives you an easy way to schedule your meetings, creates finished emails from templates in a click, lets you schedule when a message should be sent and recall your already sent one to correct it if needed and these are not all of the reasons why you are going to love it.

John Sung Kim
John Sung Kim
Its a good Gmail extension for email tracking, sequences and calendaring.
John Sung Kim
John Sung Kim
Its a good Gmail extension for email tracking, sequences and calendaring.
John Alexander
John Alexander- Growth @ shoflo
if you use the google suite this is tool is super powerful.
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A new Chrome extension extends Gmail's functionality in new ways, while still feeling like it's an official Gmail feature. Mixmax says it'll make you work "faster and smarter" in Gmail by improving the tools available to you for sending email and organizing meetings. With the Mixmax extension, you get a souped-up email compose window inside Gmail's ...
Mixmax, an e-mail startup that recently raised $1.5 million from Harrison Metal and Floodgate, integrated with Inbox to turn e-mails into much more than just a text-heavy experience. With Mixmax, you can schedule calendar availability directly from where you're composing your e-mails from Google Inbox among other features.
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The best email tracking solution I've found. Free

Charles Thiery
Charles Thiery- CEO, co-founder of TrendsTag
Know if your email was opened, how many times, at what times, and what hyperlinks in your email were clicked 😎 Compatible for free with Gmail and Inbox
Oxana K.
Oxana K.- oxanakunets
Mailtrack lets you know if the recipient read your email and clicked the link, how many times and on that device.
Yousef Sheikh
Yousef Sheikh- UD | Founder of Chalkboard Charities
It's awesome when you want to see if someone read your email, how long ago, on what device, etc. Now I know if someone is trying to ignore me or just sucks at checking their email regularly.
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Supercharge your sales process with MailTag's Gmail & GSuite browser extension tool.

It's 100% free, forever. 😎

★ FREE Features:

✅ Unlimited real-time email tracking

✅ Real-time open & link-click notifications

✅ Email reopen tracking

✅ Email scheduling

✅ Email Pings (automate your follow-ups)

✅ Dashboard (view all of your read & unread emails)

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See who's opening your emails

Kevin Norman
Kevin Norman
Customizable email templates, mail merge, scheduled emails and open email alerts are table stakes email tools for the modern sales rep. Yesware offers these in an easy to use platform.
Tabish Gilani
Tabish Gilani- Growth @
Great CRM tool for tracking, mail merges and conducting tests for outbound performance
Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
The best tool out there for email tracking.
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