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16 alternative and related products to Design System in Figma by Design+Code

Design System in Figma by Design+Code
Guide to designing a site using a design system by Meng To

Complete guide to designing a site using a collaborative and powerful design system.

16 Alternatives to Design System in Figma by Design+Code

The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Check out Figma. Since it's browser-based you'll be able to use it on any platform. It does many things better than Sketch, especially vector drawing and real-time collaboration.
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I love Figma because of the real-time collaboration and excellent thinking behind the product. Vector Networks ( was one of the first features that attracted me. They are challenging the norms of design apps and rethinking how you can work more efficiently.
Stefan Theofilos
Stefan Theofilos- Product Designer, Entrepreneur
I love Figma. Just switched my team over from Sketch.
27 Alternatives to Figma 1.0

Design and prototype in one always up to date tool

Sam Rye
Sam Rye- Founder
Figma is dynamite, especially now it has prototyping baked in. I wish Figma would integrate with some of the animation tools (Principal et al), as sometimes the prototyping functionality just isn't enough.
Karthik Mahadevan
Karthik Mahadevan- Founder and Designer at Envision
I used to mostly rely on Sketch, Marvel and Keynote for prototyping, but very recently I tried Figma and found it to be a breeze. I especially loved how easy it was for me to handover to the programmer. It's all online so sharing and collaborating was pretty easy as well.
Sam Rye
Sam Rye- Founder
Until recently, I'd been using Sketch + Craft + InVision as my core way of designing and sharing UI work with clients. But InVision always felt like it was designed by 3 or 4 teams of people who never met. Comments could be made it one view, but not another. I could give them a LiveShare link to lead them through designs, but then they couldn't access the fi… See more
11 Alternatives to Figma 2.0

Colorbox is a tool to produce color sets open-sourced by Lyft's design team 🎨

Around the web
Lyft Design
Color is instrumental in how we perceive the world, and that could not be more true within interfaces. Color guides us to predict, understand, and make decisions. Ever since you were little, you've been trained to pause at words in red and relax at numbers in green.
19 Alternatives to Colorbox by Lyft

Styles, prototyping++ and design at scale

Another amazing update from the great team at Figma! Here's what's new:

1) Prototyping — Device frames, fixed objects, advanced scrolling

2) Styles — Styles + new Team Library functionality for building design systems in Figma

3) Organization tier — New “Organization” tier to help scale design management across big companies

Around the web
With more industries and organizations recognizing design as a pillar of business, a battle is brewing among makers of design tools. And with a fresh $40 million in Series C funding, Figma is ready to fight. Cofounder and CEO Dylan Field explains that when he and cofounder Evan Wallace started the ...
19 Alternatives to Figma 3.0

A free customizable design system

Eva Design System - customizable Design System available for Sketch, with Mobile and Web implementations. The main strength of the Design System is the ability to adapt and integrate your brand making it ideal for any type of product.

Around the web
Akveo Blog
Have you ever faced a situation when a simple button color change takes weeks to be implemented across all of your application? I bet you have. Nowadays any organization that builds multiple web or mobile applications spends a lot of...
Akveo Blog
Hi everyone! We're at Akveo were always obsessed with making a customizable UI. Since our very first product, Blur Admin, we tried to create an approach that would allow developers to adjust the visual appearance of the whole interface by...
8 Alternatives to Eva Design System

A large library of 2100+ handcrafted UI components

Create well-documented products in no time.
UI Kit built from scratch for Figma based on the popular React UI library - Ant Design.

Around the web
Get Ant Design System for Figma: Plugins used in the video: Button resizer: Content Reel: See more
7 Alternatives to Ant Design System for Figma

Turn design into a clean, semantic HTML and CSS code

UIConstructor is a tool that allows you to easily change the visual version of a website or other project to clean and semantic html and css code. It gives You the option to share your projects with other users and share your comments.

We wanted the teams of designers and coders to be able to create projects together and share their remarks.

3 Alternatives to UIConstructor

Prime is the Premium UI Framework for Sketch that speeds up Design System creation. It helps to maintain consitency and design with the industry best practices.

Around the web
Prime is the UI Framework that gives you tools to build the source of truth for the UI of your design system. You can use it when you start a project or even if you would like to enhance existing one.
Learn the finest way to create your design system efficiently. Prime is a Design System Kit - The UI framework that lets you build the source of truth for the UI of your design system. It may be successfully implemented when you start a project or if you would like to enhance an existing one.
8 Alternatives to Prime Design System Kit

Design system manager plugin for creating themeable designs

With Toolabs DSM on Plugins Panel of Adobe XD, you don't need to duplicate your artboards. You just need to :
- Create your design tokens
- Define design system states (Color themes, multilingual, versions, i.e.)
- Make your designs themeable and stateful

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When Adobe announced the Plugins Panel, we thought that it would be awesome to release Toolabs DSM as a plugin for Adobe XD users to enhance their workflow of making themeable design systems. Before Adobe XD version 21, plugins could only be reached through a modal dialog therefore it was not suitable for a panel requiring a non-blocking user experience.
4 Alternatives to Toolabs DSM Plugin for Adobe XD
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