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14 alternative and related products to Design Hunt 2.0

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14 Alternatives to Design Hunt 2.0

Hand-picked design inspiration for your real life projects

👋 friends,

I’m a Dribbble player @oykun from its very early days. I remember the times of majority posts being useful, meaningful, smart & real life projects. They're still in there but very much lost in thousands of trendy, unusable posts.

Here I hand-pick designs from real life projects or that can be applied to our real client projects.


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Practising is key when it comes to getting better at design and it is okay to make concept designs or copy of existing designs to learn and practise new techniques. However it is always good to bear in mind that there is a great value to build those skills with real life design challenges in mind.
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Podcast, Newsletter & Blog about Product Design & Creation

Hacking UI is a Podcast, Newsletter & Blog about Product Design, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Front End Development, brought to you Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
Have a look at their "courses" section - lots of good resources there!
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Author note (updated on April 2017): This post was written in November 2015, and published on January 2016. 6 months after publishing this article (and sooner than expected), David -my partner in Hacking UI - and I decided to leave our jobs at Similarweb to work on Hacking UI full time.
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Your daily dose of product news

Product News is the quickest way to get your daily dose of the latest in Product 💪 all from one place. Includes over 50 (and growing!) of the best sources for all things Product. Handpicked tweets, blog posts and other Product resources are posted throughout the day.

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A research tool for conscientious creatives by Airbnb

Designed by Airbnb and News Deeply, Another Lens is a research tool for conscientious creatives, posing a set of questions to help you balance your bias, consider the opposite, and embrace a growth mindset.

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Earlier this summer, Airbnb paired up with the media startup News Deeply on an installation called Shadow to Light for San Francisco Design Week. Guided by the festival's theme, "Question Everything," the two companies wanted to create a piece that would challenge visitors' viewpoints and ask them to recognize implicit biases.
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Unlimited downloads of 260k+ curated design assets

Creative Market Pro is a new design asset subscription built to help professional designers and teams deliver great design work fast. With Creative Market Pro, these designers can download high-quality, curated fonts, graphics, templates, add-ons, photos, and themes to elevate their work.

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The past few months since spinning out from Autodesk have been a pretty exciting time for Creative Market. Not only have we established ourselves as an independent company again with our own brand new office space, grown the team by nearly 50%, and surpassed 4 million members in the community, we've also been hard at work on our most ambitious project since … See more
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The fastest discovery shopping app

Use wysker to discover new products faster than ever before while

earning wys tokens along the way - whoop whoop!

*shop at up to 20 items per second

*explore new products from 20 different categories

*browse through over 500 unique online shops

*earn tokens for downloading, sharing, and using the app

*enter stores with a simple double tap

*save your favourite items

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Gleich drei radikale Neuerungen verspricht Wysker: Produkte finden in Höchstgeschwindigkeit, Kontrolle über die eigenen Nutzerdaten behalten und Rabattpunkte per Blockchain sammeln - die kryptische Technologie, die auch noch helfen soll, das Startup zu finanzieren. Ist die Digitalwelt reif für so viel Ungewohntes auf einem Fleck?
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Wysker ist Shopping auf Speed. Die App, in der Bildchen von Produkten per Fingerbewegung über den Bildschirm flimmern, will E-Commerce revolutionieren. Tobias Haag, CEO von Wysker ist Teil unserer Watchlist 2018. Darin porträtieren wir 100 Menschen, von denen wir im nächsten Jahr noch hören werden. Im Folgenden gibt es unsere Kategorie „Retail & Sales".
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Wir haben mit den Erfindern der Shopping-App Wysker gesprochen und sie gefragt, wie sie zu ihrem Geschäftsmodell kamen und warum sie es mit Kryptogeld finanzieren wollen. Wysker ist angetreten, Entdeckungen in der Shopping-Welt leichter zu machen. Die Idee dahinter: Schaufenster checken, Teil finden, kaufen. Und genau das macht die Wysker App.
One of the core tenants of data privacy is that not all data is created equal. Some data points have the power to identify a person uniquely while others can only identify larger groups. A zip code for example may stand for thousands or tens of thousands of households while a last name might only be shared by a handful of people.
In a previous life, I worked in online marketing. It is there that I learned about the value of data and the advertising industry's insatiable appetite for it. Data is - and always has been - the currency of digital advertising, but until now, you weren't the one getting paid.
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