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Design+Code 3
Learn to design and code React and Swift apps

Brand new site with 60 hours of video, 50GB of downloads, Progress feature, Dark Mode, Chinese support and live coding help from our team. Also, new Design System course!

50% discount for Product Hunt users!

DigitalOcean App Platform
A reimagined PaaS (Platform as a Service) for all your apps
13 Alternatives to Design+Code 3

Upcase represents the collective best practices of the team at thoughtbot. Some of the topics covered include Test Driven Development, workflow & developer tooling, new frameworks and languages and techniques and patterns for building maintainable large scale applications

Today we are thrilled to open it up to the public for free.

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We've got some big news about our online learning platform Upcase, and we think you're gonna love it!
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Monday Hero converts design into mobile code. Developers can get layout code with design specs - colors, fonts and assets - as a bundle.

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There are advantages to use Interface Builder, you can see layout rules, views/controls, connections between them and easily add new ones. Every new design of a mobile app, or new additional screens that will be added to existing mobile app, developers repeat same set of actions.
In this video, you can see how to upload Sketch files through Plugin, and then see how to customize your components and get the code you created in seconds!
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