Alternative products to Deepfakes web α

5 alternative and related products to Deepfakes web α

Deepfakes web α
Deepfakes as a service

Deepfakes web α allows you to create your own deepfake videos in which the subject is face-swapped using machine-learning algorithms. Use responsibly.

5 Alternatives to Deepfakes web α

Image and video authenticity certification

Truepic is the leading image authentication platform for anyone looking to verify photos or videos.

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How can you be sure an image wasn't Photoshopped? Make sure it was shot with Truepic. This startup makes a camera feature that shoots photos and adds a watermark URL leading to a copy of the image it saves, so viewers can compare them to ensure the version they're seeing hasn't been altered.
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Video authentication to combat deepfakes

Amber combats malicious AI which will "Photoshop" video and alter evidence. Amber solves this by hashing at record, writing fingerprints to blockchain smart contracts, and tracking provenance through to distribution.

Amber unequivocally proves a video's authenticity -- critical in a polemical world of disinformation and propaganda.

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Hacker Noon
Recent developments in artificial intelligence-based image synthesis has endowed machines with the ability to generate photos and videos of the real world and with accuracy that would have appeared impossible only a few years ago.
Hacker Noon
A few years ago it became clear that Photoshop-ing of video, in a way that looks indistinguishable from authentic video, was quickly approaching. When it does, it will have a serious impact on visual evidence and specifically our ability to rely on them for facts and to make judgements.
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