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Daily task management for teams
The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Trying to find the document that your team shared with you a month ago? Can't remember if it's in gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, or elsewhere? Creating a collection of tabs and sharing it with your team will ensure that every team member has access to the same resource on every new tab page.

    The Toby folk seem close at hand, eager to understand the issue and fix it or show me how to do what I'm missing.

  • Azendoo Task Pilot

    Task collaboration for teams 🚀
  • MeisterTask is a beautifully designed online task manager that offers apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. With customizable project boards and smart automations you work more consistently and efficiently than ever before.

    We use it a lot in the marketing team

  • Zenkit is now available on your desktop. Apps for Mac, Windows and Linux mean you can work in a dedicated Zenkit window away from distraction. Quickly add items with the new quick-add feature, bring Zenkit up to the front with a shortcut, and stay productive, even when you're offline.

    It's a really easy to use solution for tracking your projects and workload, regardless of how simple or complex a system you use for doing s…

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  • Middlespot desktops keep your important resources at your fingertips, on any device. Drag and drop photos, docs, links, plugins, widgets, videos and more onto a personal, private desktop. Then organize and arrange your stuff the way you work.

    Turn your desktop into a collaborative engaging workspace with others.

    Works with Google Drive.

    I've been using Middlespot as a simple way to organize all the bits and pieces of my world into an easy view. If it were just files, I would…

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  • Wolf Flow is a seamless desktop app that organizes your desktop and lets you task-switch efficiently.

    It's time to regain control of the chaos and eliminate do-overs.

    All Windows 10 Users can use the promo: Focus2018 to get 50% off the first three months of either our Power & Pro subscriptions, and this is AFTER the 30 day, risk free trial!

    Get it now!

  • MeisterTask now integrates with Freshdesk so your customer support agents can communicate more efficiently with your back office team! The integration lets you create new tasks in MeisterTask based on your Freshdesk tickets, or link tickets to existing tasks. Follow task progress, and keep up to date with discussions right inside Freshdesk!

    Can't wait to integrate this into my support query workflow!