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DarkModeDesign alternatives and competitors

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Two months ago I needed to design an Android app for dark mode, and it was quite stressful to do a lot of searches here and there for best practices.
I chose to compile all the resources I've found helpful related to designing and building dark mode apps. 😍

Top alternatives for DarkModeDesign

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Facebook Design Resources

    A collection of free resources made by designers at Facebook
  • Interfacer

    3 reviews

    Interfacer is a list of top quality free design resources for your next project. All the resources listed on the website are free for commercial use.

    I knew about a few of these before this, but there are a lot of great resources here. Thanks for putting this together Ben!

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  • Freebiesbug

    Freebiesbug is a space where web developers and designers can find some free resources for their work. You can browse through a variety of high-quality fonts, PSDs, coding plugins and templates, and much more.

  • Designer Mill

    Designer Mill is a new website updated everyday with free design resources from over 10 categories including free fonts, mockups, Photoshop and Sketch resources.

  • DesignBase

    5 reviews

    DesignBase is a database of highly curated free resources for all designers. We have highly curated collection of resources in each category. We will be stacking up resources regularly.

    Easy to find good resources

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  • WhatsApp Dark Mode

    2 reviews
    WhatsApp is getting a new dark mode on iOS and Android today. If you already have dark mode enabled at the system level on iOS 13 or Android 10, then WhatsApp will automatically switch over. Android 9 users can simply enable a new dark theme in the WhatsApp settings menu.
  • Umbra app

    Umbra is a little menu bar app that lets you specify different desktop wallpapers for both light & dark appearances in macOS. Umbra also allows you to quickly toggle dark mode in a single click, rather than digging around in system preferences.
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  • Night Palette

    Dark Mode Color Palettes for Designers and Artists
    Night Palette is a free inspirational color palette tool made for dark mode design
  • Night Viewer

    Night Viewer enables smooth dark mode for the View Page Source, beautifies the source code and allows you to modify the font to make it more readable.
    Availalbe on Chrome, Chromium based browsers and Firefox
  • Dark Mode For Medium

    On Average people spend more than 5 hours Reading Medium Articles which can cause Eye Strain so to reduce that I have created Dark Mode for Medium
  • Luna

    I've built this app in my spare time to resolve my frustration with Windows 10 for not having automatic theme switcher. This may be included in the next releases of Windows 10 but for now here is Luna!
    Hope this app is useful for other people as well 😊
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  • Sketch Dark Mode Plugin

    Generate a dark mode version of any Sketch document, the right way πŸ’…πŸΌ
    Boost your design workflow and create a beautiful dark mode version of your designs in seconds! No cumbersome interfaces, no tricky workarounds, it just works 🍎
  • GitScrum Dark Mode

    Free options
    GitScrum is a Smart Project Management Tool. Do like hundreds of companies worldwide, use GitScrum to organize your remote team for better collaboration and increased productivity.