Alternative products to Daily UX Challenge

8 alternative and related products to Daily UX Challenge

Daily UX Challenge
Improve your UX skills with a challenge posted each day 🛠️

Daily UX Challenge is an online forum where a new UX challenge is posted everyday.

8 Alternatives to Daily UX Challenge

Retro prompt generator for whiteboard design practice

Generate randomized prompts for design interview practice and get faster at solving design problems out loud. Get a partner, set a timer, and practice!

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Does the thought of leading a design sprint terrify you? Do you get sweaty palms just thinking about leading an ideation session? Are you scared you're going to faint in front of the whiteboard during your next design interview? If that describes you, DO NOT PANIC! We made something for you.
7 Alternatives to Designercize

Challenge yourself with original design prompts is a practice tool for designers of any career stage.

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While this project launched last year, we're just now stumbling upon a brilliant weekend project of Dribbblers Anthony Gibson and Arman Nobari called Sharpen Design, and we're taking this week to share it with the community. The tool generates over a million (!)
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Head on over to the Sharpen Design Generator, and flick through a serious of Graphic Design related challenges and exercises.
If you've been in a slump these days, or are in awe of the cool challenges designers come up with all the time, give this nifty tool a...
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Want a competitive edge in your career? Then practice deliberate, continuous learning.Learning shouldn't stop when you're out of school or when you get professional certification.
2 Alternatives to Sharpen Design Generator

Practice whiteboard challenges and get feedback 👨‍🎨🎨

Generate random prompts to the Whiteboard challenge in interiews, practice on our paint API, then upload content directly for feedback from designers all around the world. Designers of all skill levels can upload photos, videos or text based questions for quick answers or feedback to design problems, design presenting skills and design logic.

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고려대학교가 키운 스타트업이 11일 LG포스코경영관에서 열린 2018 츄츄데이를 통해 첫선을 보였다. 고려대학교 경영대학교가 주최하는 츄츄데이는 매년 2회 개최되는 스타트업 데모데이로 이날 2018 츄츄데이 발표에 참여한 팀들은 지난 6개월간 고려대학교 스타트업 지원 센터인 스타트업 스테이션에 입주해 인큐베이팅 프로그램을 수료했다.
8 Alternatives to UXCurate
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