Alternative products to Daily Art Market Intakes by Feral Horses

8 alternative and related products to Daily Art Market Intakes by Feral Horses

Daily Art Market Intakes by Feral Horses
A free dose of art education in your mailbox

The Daily Art Market Intake is a free newsletter that condenses what is going on in the art world in a novice-friendly 2min read. Guaranteed 100% snobbish jargon and fake news free.

8 Alternatives to Daily Art Market Intakes by Feral Horses

Pandora for fine art (iOS and web)

Artsy is the online resource for art collecting and education. Discover, learn about, and buy art you'll love.

Karel Lindner
Karel Lindner
Probably the best place to buy real art online. There are the most famous galleries offering their master pieces from drafts of Picasso, Andy Warhol up to artists unknown to me. It is by far the best (and to my knowledge only app) to buy and invest in real art, if you do not want to go to auctions (online or at Sothebys or Christies. Btw, the app was founded… See more
Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang
Great online resource to learn about and buy art. (Buy here:
19 Alternatives to Artsy

Art Genius is visual search for artwork.

Curator looking for up-and-coming artists for your next show?

Interior designer looking to spice up a room with new works?

Tech bro looking to impress your hipster art school friends?

Art Genius turns anyone into an art curating pro.

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tl;dr - We prototyped a visual search engine for artwork. It's dope and you can check it out here: Something we've always wanted to try was expanding the Thread Genius visual search experience to include discovering artworks based on visual similarity. It was never highly prioritized because training models for a new domain usually means … See more
12 Alternatives to Art Genius

Daily art stories told by a chatbot

Art Buddy is a new app available on iOS and Google Play Stores.

A curious owlbot tells users an art-related story every day, in the form of an interactive chat, keeping the content fresh and engaging.

The app has great reviews on the store and is growing rapidly.

Rating and price
6 Alternatives to Art Buddy

The world's most dangerous art, created with malware.

This laptop running some of the most dangerous malware ever created is up for auction!

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The Times of India
TIMESOFINDIA.COM | May 15, 2019, 19:01 IST If you're aware of some of the biggest cybersecurity threats that have plagued laptops/computers across the world then the words WannaCry, BlackEnergy, DarkTequila, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SOBIG would ring more than a bell. For the uninitiated these are six of the most notorious malware that have affected systems in the l… See more
The most dangerous laptop in the world is up for auction. Packed with six of the most destructive pieces of malware ever (Blackenergy, Iloveyou, Wannacry, Mydoom, Sobig, DarkTequila), this laptop is being sold as an artistic expression of chaos and cyber security.
A Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook, running some of the most dangerous malware threats ever created, is up for auction.If you were an avid PC user in the early 2000's, then you probably remember all sorts of malware, viruses, worms and trojans that seemed to pop up too fast for anti-virus software to keep up.
4 Alternatives to The Persistence of Chaos
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