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Cypress alternatives and competitors

6 reviews

Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. Install Cypress in seconds and take the pain out of front-end testing.

Top alternatives for Cypress

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  • WebCodeSniffer

    The goal of WebCodeSniffer is to help developers to write clean, consistent, structured and standards-compliant code (PHP, Javascript, CSS) in order to prevent bugs and to make the code easy to maintain, read, share and distribute. WebCodeSniffer is a web interface of PHP_CodeSniffer and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

  • Galen Framework

    Automated testing of look and feel for your responsive app
  • Toast Beta

    Toast is a forward thinking JavaScript meta-framework, utilizing the power of ES Modules and the Rust programming language enabling 10,000 page sites to build in 60 seconds.
    Toast is a bet on the future of the web.
  • AppConversion

    Introducing AppConversion!
    Tools to increase your App Page conversion with A/B tests.
  • JSFiddle

    Test and share JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online.
  • Splitter A/B Testing

    1 review

    Create an A/B test in seconds, monitor visits and conversions in real time. No need to register and it's totally free :)

    I have been looking to perform A/B testing and thought would try this (as it's free) and it is so simple to set up and use. It even set's up…

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  • EyeJS

    1 review

    EyeJS is JavaScript testing framework designed for the real world, it means that it can do meaningful test, without needing to setup a complex testing environment. It includes for example some unique features such as browser based test, in the same command.

    Hope you guys will like it 😊

    It's the testing framework I'll use in my next project

  • Ping-API

    Automated API testing and monitoring.
  • Jest 16

    1 review
    Painless JavaScript testing with Jest 16

    A great testing framework that focuses on providing everything out of the box.

  • TestLeft

    Testleft empowers developers and advanced testers to build and run functional UI automation tests from within an IDE and helps teams practice Behavior Driven Development. With support for C# in Visual Studio and Java in IntelliJ and Eclipse, there is no need to leave the comfort of an existing ecosystem to validate end-to-end application quality.

  • Taplytics TV App Testing

    Viewers are consuming video content across all types of devices and screens, so you should be testing across them all too. Taplytics now offers testing support for tvOS, Android TV, and FireTV apps. Optimize for the best user experience across all screens, from TV, web and mobile.

  • Zylitics

    Free options
    A modern web app testing tool that requires no installation and configuration. Write, run, debug and live watch your tests right from a browser. Get access to multiple OSs/browsers in one click.
  • Test Collab

    Test Collab is test management tool to help development teams carry out testing effectively and avoid failures.

  • SixPack

    Kickass A/B Testing Framework