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Culrs 2.0 alternatives and competitors

Culrs is an open platform for you to choose color palettes for any application with extreme ease. The colors are curated and palettes are fashioned with colors that work together, creating beautiful combinations, keeping in mind the color wheel and color theory.

Top alternatives for Culrs 2.0

Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • Colors

    Colors is a data-driven color palette collection based on a curation of beautiful designs 🖼

    Loved the simple UX. shortcut key for shuffling color schemes and the collection itself.

    I have used https://coolors.co/ for some time and c…

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  • Mobile Palette Generator

    A mobile palette generator is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you generate color palettes for your mobile or web app with a click of a mouse.
  • Color Palette Generator

    Enter the URL of an image and find its color palette
  • Radix Colors

    Radix Colors is an accessible, open-source color system for designing gorgeous websites and apps. 28 colors scales with 12 steps in each scale. Dark mode support. Accessibility baked-in. Matching transparent variant for each scale.
  • Tailwind.ink

    Tailwind.ink is a tool for creating new color shades based on a neural network and trained with the Tailwindcss palette.
  • Falettes

    Unlimited color palettes
  • Random Color Palettes

    Generate a random color palette by tapping your space bar
  • Tint & Shade Generator 2.0

    Make and share tints and shades of any hex color! Say you have a base color palette but would like some complimentary colors for gradients, borders, backgrounds, or shadows. This is the tool for you. Simple, precise, and open source.
  • Pastel

    Pastel is an app for amateur developers & artists that lets you capture, collect, and build up a library of color palettes to use in your projects, and offers rich drag & drop support to share them with other apps.
  • Veranda Color

    An extensive collection of color palettes, generated by users themselves! Find what others make, generate and post your own.
    Like Behance for colors 🎨
  • Poolors

    Recently there's been a trend of using "ugly" colors to stand out (like the dropbox redesign) This color scheme generator formalizes the process by analyzing popular color combinations
    hint: Click the popsicle to generate traditionally pleasing colors instead
  • Darker

    It is an easy, simple, and useful tool for those looking for quick and serious solutions.
    you can export colors as CSS and Sass variables to it.
    you can share tints & shades with your team.
  • Tailwind Palette

    Tailwind Palette is a tool which generates shades and tints for colour with its Tailwind config. The preview of shades and tints is structured in a way that you can test contrasting colored text on it. Plus it comes with "copy and paste" tailwind config JSON
  • Colorie

    Make your color palette and save it as a PNG image!
    It supports up to 14 colors!
  • EasyColor

    An easy-to-use tool that includes color systems and palettes from famous tech companies, such as Apple HIG, Google Material Design, Microsoft Fluent Design and more, which supports long press to copy HEX and RGB values.