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8 alternative and related products to CueBot

A better way to request for songs at a party 🎉

The concept is simple: songs with more upvotes play sooner!

Cue is powered by the Spotify API, which means it is easy to request your favorite songs. Guests are shown a list of song requests and given the opportunity to make new requests or upvote the ones they like best. CueBot manages the playback.

Available on the App Store now!

8 Alternatives to CueBot

Stop fighting over the AUX cord

Have you ever argued over who gets to DJ on a party? Who’s got the best playlist?

Stop fighting over the AUX cable, use Que.

It is a website that you launch on your Mac/PC/Tablet and then plug in a speaker. Your guests can vote for the next song or suggest one from Apple Music by scanning a QR code.

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You've probably heard something like this before if you organised a party Hey! Can I connect to the speaker?
8 Alternatives to Que

Listen to music together

On we:fm you listen to music together, at the same time, with friends. Connect your Spotify account, find your friends, and listen. While listening together in the same station, you can chat, save songs and more!

It’s cool to listen together: knowing the others in the stations are listening to the exact same part of the song.

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Create playlists with music that you and your friends love

It's time to stop fighting over the aux cord! With Songmash, invite your friends to a mash and we'll look at everyone's favorite songs to curate a playlist with music everyone will like.

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Let's assume you are in a party with your friends and how many times did you guys fight to get that aux cord off so you can play songs that you like? Well, those days are gone now thanks to Songmash- a tool that we can use to create collaborative playlists with our friends using Spotify.
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Never fight over the AUX again

Are you often frustrated by the music playing at bars and parties? If you answer yes, download UpNext!
UpNext is an iOS app that allows everyone to queue up songs and vote on what's played next.
Now with Chromecast support!

5 Alternatives to UpNext
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