Alternative products to CryptoScoop

5 alternative and related products to CryptoScoop

Daily, complete scoop of cryptocurrency news & updates

CryptoScoop features exclusive updates and articles every day to keep the user informed about the trending news stories, Track ICOs, Prices, and Signals for trading in cryptocurrency. It is free from annoying ads and doesn’t require the user to sign up.

5 Alternatives to CryptoScoop

Find out just how much of your net worth is in crypto.

The idea is simple: you put in how much crypto you own + your net worth WITHOUT crypto. The site will fetch current prices and do the calculations for you. It works with the 10 biggest crypto currencies (by market cap): Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NAM, NEO, IOTA, and Monero.

10 Alternatives to Net Worth in Crypto

Visually see the entire crypto news landscape in one glance.

With this crypto heat map, you can visually see all that is happening in the crypto ecosystem in just one place.

Colours represent category, size represents importance and darkness represents age.

Categories in the bottom can be clickable and you can hover across an article to see more info.

Looks really cool on a flat screen tv!

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If you're feeling nostalgic seeing this, it's probably because you've been a very active news reader in 2010 and you might have heard about when it launched in 2010. (now defunct) was a visualization tool for Google news where you could see the entire news landscape in just one glance.
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