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9 alternative and related products to - SMS - SMS
Secure Anonymous SMS in the cloud (and a phone number) is a secure and encrypted SMS messaging solution in the cloud, no longer can you worry about your SIM card being stolen by malicious hackers, or having a second account on Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Google and others.

9 Alternatives to - SMS

A new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud

UPDATE: Since the time of this post, we have lowered prices 25% to 40% and dramatically improved the quality of service across all major categories.

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Today we have special guests: Venmo founder Andrew Kortina and Facebook's former Product VP Sam Lessin are launching Fin, and are here to tell us about the future of intelligent assistant systems. --- It seems like in the last few years everyone has been working on some sort of assistant service.
Fin Exploration Company
We started Fin with the premise that mixing human and software intelligence could produce a service better than any pure software 'assistant' like Siri or any individual human. (Btw, if you've never heard of , it's a service that provides high quality, on-demand assistance.)
22 Alternatives to Fin

Locate your device with a text, even when it's offline 📱🌎

Quickly locate your device by texting 'Where are you? '- Location SMS will then reply with its current location

Even in Do Not Disturb mode, you can text your phone 'Lost' and it will ring at high volume so you can find it!

Set up a 'Geofence' to automatically send a text message to a person of your choice everytime you enter or exit an area

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10 Alternatives to Location SMS

Convert incoming customer texts into Intercom conversation

Intercom via SMS is an integration for Intercom to let your customers or leads text you and your support agents can reply to them directly from Intercom as text message. Goal is to make customers happier and close more deals by offering personal attention to customers - at scale, without changing their behaviour and without losing any productivity

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Cloud-based phone system for small businesses. Instant setup - no hardware or deskphones. Get international phone numbers in 58 countries. Integrates with Zendesk, Intercom, Zoho and more.
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An offline emergency help providing system 🇮🇳

About 32% of our population don't have Smartphone and also there are many people having smartphone but no internet access due to which people suffer a lot for finding basic needs.

We've built a SMS based completely automated system where the user can get the required information in few basic steps by simple sending a message.

13 Alternatives to Help Offline

India's first AI powered SMS inbox

Kyte is a smart SMS app that blocks spam and automatically organizes your inbox. It is intended for the Indian market where SMS is the primary mode of communication for finance and commerce transactions and 60% of messages are spam. SMS alerts usage in India has exploded over the last three years and spam is an unsolved problem.

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13 Alternatives to Kyte 2.0

Secure, cloud based communication service for businesses.

Ninchat can be used for customer appointments, team communication or live group discussions: text, attachments, video calls, internal team channels, chatbots, integration to client crm/erp, all encrypted and tailored for your needs.

Ninchat focuses on secure communications, high compatibility, customizability, and cross device use.

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We are pleased to partner with the 2015 Winners of European innovation "Young Bull" award and Nordic startup award: Ninchat. Ninchat specializes in cloud based communication services that aim to enhance customer service, improve communication among teams and enable live group discussions, ultimately aiming to build real individual relationships with customer… See more
How does your team communicate at work? There are a lot of team communication tools out there, but check out Helsinki-based Ninchat, a nicely designed and accessible browser-based chat client. Ninchat is free to use and can be used for any sort of chat communication, but they're targeting the product towards companies that need secure ...
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Ninchat ...
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