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Countdown to allows you to:

πŸ•‘ Create a countdown to any date

🎨 Choose the background image and the colors

πŸŽ‰ Share it with you friends or save it to check it again later

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  • Email Timer

    6 reviews
    Generate custom countdown timer HTML code that you can easily embed in an email. Hassle free, no registration, with custom fonts and colors, multiple language and timezone support. Proven conversion boost up to 400%
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  • Countdown Screensaver is a Mac OS X screensaver to countdown to your big day. Minimalistic design, useful, and 100% free.

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  • Moment is a Menu Bar and Notification Center based countdown app to help you remember the most memorable days of your life.
    βœ“ Countdown
    βœ“ Past Event
    βœ“ Time Progress
    βœ“ Life (Age)
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  • These real-time countdown timers are a great way to increase urgency and clickthrough in your emails before an offer expires.
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  • Hurry is an app for Android that creates beautiful countdowns to the days and events that you look forward to in the form of beautiful widgets.

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  • Deadlines

    Deadlines is a simple, offline deadline tracker made with Vue.js and localForage. All data is stored locally in the browser πŸ”. You can import/export deadlines from/to a JSON file. It also has dark mode πŸŒ“.
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  • Coountdown

    What is Coountdown?
    Coountdown app is a day counter. Name your event. Select your date. Choose your favourite colors. Create a day counter. Easy to use and it's free. 😁
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  • Countdowns for Mac

    Countdown to events that are important to you. Birthdays, Holidays, Valentine's day, or next Blockbuster movie premiere. Keep them at the glance in your status menus.

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  • Do you need a public-facing countdown for your next big event, to make it live, or to share with your friends, let's use Datelist free online countdown maker.
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  • TimeR Machine

    You can construct personalized, multi-stage timer plans and focus more on the tasks rather than manual timer configurations.
    It's perfect for the situations where you need complex timing and reminding.

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  • Countlit is the app for creating and sharing beautiful countdowns for your best moments in life!
    See your events updating in realtime anywhere on your home screen with the new widgets for iOS 14
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  • Dreamdays

    Countdown to the days that matter
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  • Yonks

    Ever wondered how many days have been passed since the moon landing? Or how many weeks are left until your next vacation starts?

    Yonks is a day counter app for iOS & Android and helps you to keep track of important past or future events and their notable milestones.

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  • Countdown is a simple, no-frils way to track upcoming special events. Track things like your next vacation, the weekend, your anniversary, or whatever else! Be creative and take joy in telling your coworkers exactly how long you have until you all leave the office on Friday.

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    This down-vote has nothing to do with the app -- as I couldn't find it ( saw it on my desktop and browsed AppStore on my phone )

    The first st…

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  • A free customizable app that counts time since or until your big day. This user-friendly event reminder helps you keep an eye on the upcoming tasks, meetups and special days in your calendar. With Day Tracker, you’ll never miss a birthday or anniversary again.
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  • Sometimes life seems really short, and other times it seems impossibly long. But this chart helps to emphasize that it's most certainly finite. Those are your weeks and they're all you've got. Each row of weeks makes up one year.
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  • Hourglass

    The countdown is on. Can't wait until your birthday, anniversary, a vacation, or anything else? Keep track of all exciting and upcoming events in your life with Hourglass.
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  • How Much Time?

    With this app you can easily see how long has it been, or how long before, something you want to remember.
    Events have a name, a date and optionally a time, some notes, and an icon representing the category of the event.
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  • Lemon

    Lemon helps us count down(or count up) and remember special moments in our lives. we need to prepare for some important days in advance: parents' birthday, wedding anniversary with love, college entrance examination, Now, with Lemon all get it.
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  • Repeat Timer

    Easily configure the timer with:
    - duration - how long the timer will run for each repeat
    - repeat count - how many times the timer will repeat
    Leave the app open to see the timer countdown, or close the app and you receive notifications for each repetition.
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