Alternative products to Computer Science Field Guide

5 alternative and related products to Computer Science Field Guide

Computer Science Field Guide

Online interactive resource for students to learn about CS

5 Alternatives to Computer Science Field Guide

A full Computer Science education - free until you get a job

Suhas Motwani
Suhas Motwani-
Why do I reco this? Austen. You won't find an entrepreneur with more passion than this. Take it & change your life!
Felipe Molina
Felipe Molina
For people who also want to get a job.
Kirill Zubovsky
Kirill Zubovsky- Troublemaker. Founder. Dad
From what I've seen, Austen and Co are doing a great job getting their students motivated to learn. Did you know that for the most online courses, students don't go past a second lesson? Doesn't matter how much it costs, students lose motivation and go to something easier. At least with Lambda, you'd be able to find a job when you're done , and this way you … See more
14 Alternatives to Lambda School

The global school for remote software developers.

Microverse is a global school for software developers that accepts students regardless of where they're from and doesn't charge them anything until they get a job.

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Microverse This is an update on some of our milestones, lessons we've learned, and where we're headed, and it coincides nicely with our Product Hunt launch. is the only coding school in the world that's crazy enough to not charge you anything until you're employed - regardless of what country you're from - and where its students learn through full-time pair … See more
5 Alternatives to Microverse 2.0

Should your EC2 be a Lambda? is a tool we built to help us figure out if our EC2 based workloads were a good candidate for migrating towards serverless on AWS Lambda. There's an automated tool if you're using Elastic Beanstalk, otherwise answer a few questions and you'll get a cost comparison and recommendation.

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IOpipe Blog
Serverless is still a new technology, and figuring out the ins and outs of when it should be applied is still somewhat uncharted territory. That's why we here at IOpipe created; a website...
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