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4 alternative and related products to Compass by Jobtome

Compass by Jobtome

Analyze and identify your predominant type of intelligence.

Compass is a free self-assessment tool developed according to the cognitive learning studies of Walter McKenzie and Howard Gardner. Answer 40 questions in order to identify your major learning style. Our algorithm will show you your strengths and weaknesses.

4 Alternatives to Compass by Jobtome

How exploitable is your brain?

Brain Errors is a collection of experiments that shows us the mistakes we make are built into our brain. We are programmed to make cognitive shortcuts that often leave us making faulty decisions.

And the worst part? We are barely aware of it. We have collected these experiments to test how easy it is to deceive you.

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Train your creative thinking with fun exercises 🧠

Creative Everywhere is an app to train your creative thinking with short and fun exercises.

We built Creative Everywhere to become more innovative at work and imaginative in our daily lives!

Research shows that innovative thinkers made creativity a habit: they practiced generating ideas, switching perspectives, and trying new things every day.

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