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4 alternative and related products to Commit

A simple app to build powerful habits
4 Alternatives to Commit

A Pomodoro radio for coders and makers 🍅 🎶

I made my own productivity tool to fit my work routine:

🎼 Music: 1 hour mixes

⏸️ Break: every hour

🗨️ Chat : with other makers during breaks

It's like making 55 minutes 🍅 Pomodoros, everyone at the same time, so I called it

William- Compulsive maker
I made to help you focus with music during pomodoros. You can share your accomplishments in the chat during breaks, for fun and accountability
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So, I don't always remember to tweet what I do, but commit my code often, and what do users love more than your product? Well, useful information about what they're going into, and updates, updates are important! Always let people know what you're doing with the product 💪

Hopefully it'll be of use for somebody! 😎

Let me know what you think

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