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Coinvision alternatives and competitors

8 reviews

Coinvision is a bot specialised in delivering alerts with predictions and information about the most credible crypto coins. Coinvision bot analyses Slack and Telegram channels, Twitter and other credible sources to send alerts about credible projects and ICOs.

Top alternatives for Coinvision

Automate SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance in weeks
  • CoinTracker

    CoinTracker is a portfolio & tax manager for cryptocurrency. It securely auto-syncs your transactions, presents your performance in a unified dashboard, and makes filing your crypto taxes a breeze. CoinTracker supports over 2,500 cryptocurrencies.

    Been wanting something like this for a long time. Psyched someone finally tapped all the APIs out there to do it.

  • CoinShilling

    2 reviews

    CoinShilling is a website that lists the activity of all top-50 crypto coins on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and Steemit. You can, for example, keep track of the amount of posts/comments made on Reddit for a specific coin. And see when the interest in certain coins start to grow.

    Overall cool product but have no idea why a login is required and I'm hesitant to give any information to this site.

  • CryptoBot

    1 review
    Track all the latest tokens, ICOs and cryptocurrency news
  • CoinBuzz.stream

    1 review

    CoinBuzz is a news aggregator board for Cryptocurrency.

    Great tool for checking latest news for all lovers of cryptocurrency.

  • Coooins

    2 reviews

    Coooins is a platform for tracking all crypto currencies, tracking ICOs, tracking crypto sub-Reddits and also adding a personal portfolio. You can also view videos and tweets related to each individual coin. There is no sign up required.

    Off to a great start for a new crypto tracking platform! Looking forward to whats next! They continue updating the platform and it seems the…

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  • ICODrops

    4 reviews

    ICODrops is our view of the daily growing ICO world.

    We've made 3 useful lists: Active ICOs, Next ICOs and Ended ICOs. It looks like a kanban board (Inbox, In Progress, Done) for specific people, who interest in ICOs.

    Other features:

    - Project Pages

    - Bounty List

    - Presale Information

    I like it

  • CoinScanner

    CoinScanner is a tool to find cheapest Bitcoin / AltCoin rates. Convert between any currency pair. Including your local currency. Compare rates on different exchanges. Search from over 1,000 currency pairs. Get trading ideas. Latest exchange data.

  • CoinMirror

    3 reviews

    1. Allow everyday users to piggyback on experienced ICO investor's knowledge.

    2. Fully automated end to end process - from token purchase, claiming to sell and receive profit back, again and again.

    3. Backers can withdraw Eth and tokens at any stage.

    4. Support multiple ICOs for each syndicate.

    5. Fully decentralized.

    angellist for icos!!!

  • datagran

    4 reviews
    Datagran allows companies to centralize their data, analyze it, run ML and connect the output to business applications, fast. Without coding. We like calling ourselves the Zapier for Machine Learning.
  • Koinju

    9 reviews
    Koinju uses cutting-edge statistical and financial methodology to provide institutional-grade cryptocurrency market data. We highlight volumes, not noise.
  • Kyro

    1 review

    Kyro is a cryptocurrency tracker that puts information you care about - news, curated research, and prices - all in one place. We index news & research from hundreds of sources and surface the most relevant ones in your feed. It's available for iOS and Android today.

    We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback.

    Really great concept and cryptocurrency tracker that is fluff free, direct and up to date. My #1 crypto tracker and news app for days.

  • ACrypto

    1 review

    ACrypto is another crypto currency app for all your trading needs. Acrypto is a Bitcoin / Altcoin price checker using which you can track the latest prices, find arbitrage opportunities, maintain portfolio, get alerts from more than 200 coins including bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoin exchanges and markets in top 20 currencies around the world.

  • DexIndex

    2 reviews

    DexIndex is an open source tool that searches Ethereum decentralized exchanges to find the best token prices.

    DeFi will only continue to grow

  • CoinStats Direct

    Each coin will have it's chat channel where the team members can chat to their investors in an verified environment.

    Have a question about this product? Just ask us.

  • WhaleLend

    1 review

    WhaleLend is the safe and secure way to earn interest on your cryptocurrency

    If you have cryptos, this is pretty much a no-brainer to use.

  • CoinPride Club

    CoinPride Club is a weekly cryptocurrency newsletter curated by a human being.

  • Bitcoin Whiz

    2 reviews

    Learn about Bitcoin, setup a wallet, and earn some FREE Bitcoin!

    Everything makes sense!

  • Moonboard

    Moonboard is a browser extension for Google Chrome that keeps a tab on the major cryptocurrency prices in realtime and provide analytics on them.

  • TokenBot

    1 review

    Introducing TokenBot. Trade crypto right in Telegram from Binance, Coinbase, and over 24+ other cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Type in natural language to execute buy and sell orders and get the price of any coin.

    Great product

  • BlockStarter

    List your campaign, create a smart contract, raise funds or contribute to other startups on BlockStarter.