Alternative products to Coinseed Crypto Cash Back

7 alternative and related products to Coinseed Crypto Cash Back

Coinseed Crypto Cash Back
Earn crypto while shopping on Amazon

Crypto Back is Coinseed’s new feature which lets you earn cash backs in crypto. Link your cards to Coinseed and start shopping. Your cash backs will be automatically credited to your Coinseed account when you shop at merchants like Amazon, Walmart and Ebay using the affiliate links in the app.

7 Alternatives to Coinseed Crypto Cash Back

Earn crypto while you learn crypto

Coinbase Earn allows users to earn cryptocurrencies, while learning about them in a simple and engaging way. The idea is for users to understand more about an asset’s utility and its underlying technology, while getting a bit of the asset to try out.

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The Coinbase Blog
We're launching Coinbase Earn in invite-only mode today Coinbase's mission is to create an open financial system, where anyone in the world can participate on equal terms from their computer or smartphone. To bring this vision about, we'll need to make blockchain technology more accessible, both in the sense of making cryptocurrencies easier to obtain and ea… See more
9 Alternatives to Coinbase Earn

Banking on Crypto — Borrow. Earn. Pay. Invest.

Nexo provides crypto financial services, including instant lines of credit in 45 currencies, and high-yield interest paid on crypto and fiat deposits.

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Crypto loans firm Nexo says it will accept the gram ICO token from Telegram as collateral. Trouble is, the tokens may not be available for some time. Nexo said that, once tokens have been received following the first public sale of gram tokens through the Liquid exchange platform, kicking off on July 10, it will allow customers to use the tokens as backing f… See more
As co-founder of a leading blockchain company, Nexo's Antoni Trenchev was invited by Bloomberg to weigh in on Tether and the maturing of the space, to explain how Nexo is about to cross the $500M mark and why Wall Street finds Nexo's value proposition so appealing.
During his CNBC interview, Antoni Trenchev, managing partner at Nexo, said that Bitcoin doubters are having a real hard time right now, as BTC fundamentals of censorship-resistance, permissionless, non-printable money are stronger than ever. Site: See more
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7 Alternatives to Nexo

Pay your friends and get up to 5% back in crypto.

Metal Pay allows people to instantly send money to friends & family with just a phone number and rewards them with some cryptocurrency for each transaction — think next-generation Venmo or Paypal. These rewards, called "Pop," are delivered in Metal's cryptocurrency MTL and can be immediately converted into dollars or sent to another Metal Pay user.

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Metal Pay has completely rethought the payment experience by making it simple, fun, free, and for the first time ever, rewarding.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Metallicus Inc., a blockchain-based payment processing platform, today announced the launch of its flagship product Metal Pay. Metal Pay allows people to instantly send money to friends, family and businesses with just a phone number and rewards them with some cryptocurrency for each transaction - think next-gene… See more
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13 Alternatives to Metal Pay

Get paid in crypto for watching ads and reading content!

Birdchain rewards you for your attention and engagement in a simple, fun way. Birdchain brings it all to the world and is aiming for crypto education and mass adoption. Owning your own Crypto is the best way learn about it.

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It is very important you read this guide carefully and understand how to withdraw and where to hold your tokens. If you send your tokens to an incompatible wallet, your tokens might be lost forever and Birdchain will not be responsible for this.
Birdchain is a decentralized app (dapp) that will create universal basic income by allowing regular people to monetize their phone. Users are not required to have specific knowledge or skills, all they have to do is to download the app. Although the idea is quite straightforward, successful implementation of it will have a tremendous effect on the crypto uni… See more
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9 Alternatives to Birdchain

Earn interest in crypto with your debit card

Starting today, cryptocurrency users in theUS will be able to earn interest on their digital assets. Users will only need to link a debit card and they’ll be able to convert funds into ETH or stablecoins (upto $40 per day) and start earning interest.

4 Alternatives to Nuo Network

Earn cashback in crypto using your debit or credit card

Unlock credit card-style rewards on your debit or credit cards! Get cashback in Bitcoin or cash!
Pei offers rewards at stores like Target, Trader Joe’s, H&M, AMC Theaters, Game Stop, Sephora, and so many more.
For a sign up bonus use code, cj1kwi

5 Alternatives to Pei
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