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Coinbase alternatives and competitors

Coinbase is the world’s most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

Top alternatives for Coinbase

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  • Robinhood Crypto

    Robinhood Crypto is a new, fee-free cryptocurrency exchange from Robinhood.

    A new way to explore investing in cryptocurrency.

  • Evercoin

    Evercoin is the safest crypto wallet and exchange. We provide a hardware wallet through integration with YubiKey. We are always non-custodial and users always maintain custody of their own keys. We provide easy non-custodial backup and recovery of wallets.

    Really good. Just used it to exchange ETH for XRP and worked like a charm

  • Delta

    Delta is the slickest cryptocurrency & ICO portfolio management app for iOS & Android. It's the ultimate tool to have a clear overview of all your cryptocurrency investments and your total holdings and profit or loss.

    You can even add ICO coins that are not available on any exchange yet, making Delta the most complete portfolio app out there.

    Haven't found anything even nearly as good as this on the market. Solid team and product, excited for things to come. Export to CSV and abil…

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  • Savvy

    Savvy is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrencies💰in your SaaS or ecommerce business. We support 7 cryptocurrencies with more on the way.

    We currently support:

    Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic and more soon.

    I am a new today is the first day

  • Crumbs

    Crumbs lets you turn your spare change into a portfolio of crypto assets. We make investing in crypto assets a mindless and automated process.

    1. Link a debit or credit card

    2. Select a strategy or create your own

    3. Mindlessly grow a impressive and diverse crypto portfolio

    A couple of question.

    Whats the fees?

    why do one need bank when mostly we pay by credit cards. Why bank needs to be connected but not credit …

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  • CoinFalcon 2.0

    CoinFalcon is now faster and more reliable than ever. All of the most important functions like buying, selling and sending work can be done in three simple steps.
    Use your credit or debit card to buy cryptocurrency and enjoy near-instant transactions.
  • CityCoins

    4.8★6 reviews
    Payment required
    CityCoins give communities the power to improve and program their cities, while providing crypto rewards to individuals and city governments alike. Anyone can mine CityCoins, program them via smart contracts, and even earn BTC as the network is used more.
  • Ben

    Ben makes cryptocurrencies understandable, accessible, and appealing to anyone, starting with Bitcoin.

    Overall best app for buying selling and learning about crypto

  • CoinGecko

    CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics.
  • iwanttobuybitcoin

    The easiest and safest way to buy cryptocurrency with Credit/Debit Card. Our EU regulated exchange delivers crypto directly to your wallet address in under 10 minutes
  • Relai 2.0

    Relai is an Android and iOS Bitcoin-only investment app. You can buy Bitcoin in one minute, or set up a monthly or weekly savings plan to accumulate Bitcoin over time at regular intervals. No deposit, account registration, or KYC verification is required.
    Hey! Buying Bitcoin with the Relai app takes 1 minute and if you use my code GRIFON you pay 0.5% lower fees! 😎 Download the app here https://relai.app/download
  • BlueWallet

    Crafted for iOS and Bitcoin users.

    Opensource, you can build it and run it on your own! You control your private keys. On top of iOS multi-layer encryption, we encrypt everything with added passwords. Fake decryption password, password which decrypts fake wallets if you are forced to disclose your access. SegWit ready!

  • Crypterval


    Crypterval is a SaaS helping to setup recurring buy trades to automatically execute at predefined intervals using your existing exchange. Recurring investment into an asset follows the dollar-cost averaging investment strategy.


    💰 Cheaper than Coinbase

    😌 Anxiety free automation

    📈 Hedge against volatility

    🕹 You’re in control


  • Cryptoradar

    Cryptoradar finds the best places to buy crypto among 70+ exchanges across prices, features, customer reviews & more. Our real-time prices include all trading and payment fees, providing you with the transparency you need to make informed investment decisions.
  • HyperTrader

    5.0★2 reviews
    Free options
    HyperTrader makes it easy for crypto traders to track multiple portfolios, discover best prices, execute orders faster and analyze their trades. We do this by providing a simple yet powerful native desktop trading terminal for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Gemini

    The Gemini app puts the industry’s best crypto exchange and wallet in your hands – combining institutional-grade security with a simple, intuitive experience.

    View market trends, build your portfolio, and execute your trading strategy with easy-to-use tools.

  • Buy the Market, from Circle

    Buy the Market, from Circle is a way to buy the top 7 cryptocurrencies in one click, from cryptocurrency exchange Circle.

    This is an awesome product. Very intuitive.

  • bitWallet™

    A secure Bitcoin Wallet for iOS
  • Coinsim

    Coinsim is a simulator of investing and trading cryptocurrencies like BTC,ETG etc. with fake money but with the real time crypto prices.
    It helps crypto traders/investors understanding crypto markets by playing with them with fake money but real crypto prices.
  • BRD 3.0 for iPhone

    BRD (most will know it by its former name, Bread Wallet) is a long-trusted bitcoin wallet that has made its name around being one of the most secure ways to store bitcoin. In the past year or so, they've also added support for ETH and BCH. Now with BRD 3.0, they've enabled ERC20 token trading: Send, receive, and buy 100+ of the most popular tokens.

    I like this SPV wallet, mostly because it is connecting directly to Bitcoin nodes from my iPhone, instead of relying on another protocol (ex…

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