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Hackathon Match

Find collaborators for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon

Hackathon Match is dating site for Hackathons! Built primarily for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon, to get as many people hacking as possible.

Users are able to list themselves and search the other participants by the skills have have and those they looking for.

A Singh- Tech obsessed student.
@mubs made this website for the product hackathon, however is expanding it to include others as well. You could possibly use it for finding cofounders as well.
Making something for a Hackathon I love hackathons. I've attended a lot of them. I've had a lot of fun, learned new skills, tried new tools and made some very cool applications during the many sleepless nights. Product Hunt recently announced their Global Hackathon starting November 1st, I signed up immediately.
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Find a tech co-founder for your startup

Finding a tech co-founder for your startup can be hard. Trawling for talent could take up valuable time when you could be working on your business. What if there was a way to connect with developers and tech experts who are genuinely interested in finding a new project and working for equity?

That's Blendbox. It's like Tinder for co-founders.

Andrew Curnow- Founder, Social App
Working on this. Testing if founders would pay a subscription fee for a specialised platform to do just this. Any feedback appreciated.
July 19, 2017 When people talk about startups, often the first thing that comes to mind is "coding." However unless you're in the tech industry already you're unlikely to be a coder yourself and there's a very real possibility that you've never even met one.
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What's the best platform for a designer to locate and partner up with a local developer?

Layton DiamentUI/UX Designer
CoFoundersLab - Meet 250,000+ entrepreneurs online
"I've used this in conjunction with a University, and I got hits every time I tried! It's a really great way to connect with others that cou… See more

Is there a platform that connects designers/developers with people who have great ideas?

CoFoundersLab - Meet 250,000+ entrepreneurs online
"CoFoundersLab is a platform that allows you to search for people who can complement your skillset/business plan. While it simply facilitate… See more
Bubble - Build a fully functional web app without any code
"Lately, I've been advocating Bubble a lot and it deserves it. I exactly went through the loop of finding a cofounder/hiring people to creat… See more
Build It With Me - Connecting you with like-minded designers & developers
"It's not a completely dead site and could definitely use more traffic."
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