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9 Alternatives to CoFoundersLab

Find collaborators for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon

Hackathon Match is dating site for Hackathons! Built primarily for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon, to get as many people hacking as possible.

Users are able to list themselves and search the other participants by the skills have have and those they looking for.

A Singh
A Singh- Tech obsessed student.
@mubs made this website for the product hackathon, however is expanding it to include others as well. You could possibly use it for finding cofounders as well.
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Making something for a Hackathon I love hackathons. I've attended a lot of them. I've had a lot of fun, learned new skills, tried new tools and made some very cool applications during the many sleepless nights. Product Hunt recently announced their Global Hackathon starting November 1st, I signed up immediately.
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find a partner for your next project

Find A Maker lists all kind of different side projects. Looking to make some extra cash at the end of the month? Working on a Side Project is the solution!

You want to launch a Startup but you need some help? Find A Maker!

The jobs are tagged with 4 main specific roles : Builder, Organizer, Seller, Designer.

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I used the play a lot of Video Games. I still kinda do, but when I think about it, when I was a teenager, I spent hundreds of hour playing MMORPG's....
In 2013 I launched my first Startup. It was quite a big deal. I was only 21 and I quit my job after only one year (it was my first job). The Startu...
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