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Codewars alternatives and competitors

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Improve your skills by training w/ others on code challenges

Top alternatives for Codewars

Quickly transform scripts, SQL, and more into internal tools
  • Frontloops

    1 review

    Frontloops is an html/css practical course that works like a subscription for handcrafted tasks. You get a design with prepared assets, build it and then get a working code for the same task as a reference + some additional hints which are worth paying attention to!

    Hey Dimitri, I would love to buy multiple licenses for me and my friends but I we all don't have credit cards, can we Paypal the money to yo…

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  • TeaCode

    2 reviews

    Did you notice that writing code requires to type similar code over and over again? It might feel like waste of energy and time. 🤔 And it can be done much faster 🚀 with TeaCode. 🤩

    It's like TextExpander for developers. Thanks to code expanders (dynamic snippets) writing code is like a dream.

    This is a great programmer's expander that is very flexible and fast. Since expansions are based on the file type being edited, I can use th…

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  • hackattic

    4 reviews

    hackattic is an attempt to show people that programming challenges right now are DULL, lack creativity and are a sad way to estimate someone's skills. It's a very, very early phase, hacked up over a few lazy weekends, which the simple intention of making step zero out of possibly many to come.

    Great idea and wonderful execution.

  • Code Time 2.0

    1 review
    Code Time is an open source plugin for automatic programming metrics and time tracking, right in your editor. Now you can use data to improve as a developer and get the job or promotion you deserve.
  • Code Racer

    6 reviews

    Halloween costumes aside, reckon you're a speedy unicorn-rockstar-ninja coder? Yeah, we thought so. That's why we created Code Racer. Find out just how brilliant and speedy a coder you really are! And in the spirit of Halloween, challenge your friends with your coding tricks and get a treat when you beat them. Let the race begin!

    very nice idea and fun to play

  • SolveFaction

    1 review
    With SolveFaction you sharpen your coding challenge game by playing and competing on mobile.
    Stay ready for future job interviews, expand your knowledge, and have fun climbing the leaderboard.
  • omniquotient

    1 review
    Omniquotient is a platform for developers to share their programming knowledge to help each other upskill. Share and learn dev knowledge from the community today!
  • devpad.io

    Devpad.io helps conduct the coding interview and the training session.
    Powerful and efficient solutions: pads, repos, reviews, containers and more.
    Coding interview tools for screening and testing developers.
  • QuizNerd

    QuizNerd is a multiplayer quiz game developed for IT enthusiasts. You can challenge your friends and compete in matches that consist of a large variety of different programming questions.

    QuizNerd comprises over 800 different questions in 9 categories, including Android, C++, C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Swift.

  • ScoreSpace

    Hello. My name is KB and I am the creator of ScoreSpace. ScoreSpace is an innovative two-sided competition for game developers and streamers. That means you! I am 19 and in college and I am looking to grow this idea into something I am proud of.
  • Battle Exchange

    Compare your score with different users across the Stack Exchange sites.