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Code search that keeps you coding

CodePilot is a Free Code Search tool for software developers - unlock a world of code. With, the answers are at your fingertips. Get quick, easy access to the code, issues, errors, and learning you need.

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Learn to code by cloning real-life startups (PRO version)

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Raed's Blog
Code4Startup is a great young project, where the main focus is to deliver video courses that would enable you to create great mobile and web applications for you to create your startup. You don't have to be a web ninja to start learning. Lessons start from basic HTML and Landing pages, to Ruby On Rails and AngularJS.
Code4Startup offers instruction in several programming languages, allowing users to learn by creating real life projects.
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The AI that answers programming questions.

Ask Roboflow is an AI trained on questions and answers from Stack Overflow to answer programming questions.

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A month ago I released a little project called Stack Roboflow, a neural network trained to ask programming questions by mimicking human questions from Q&A site Stack Overflow. A great writeup of Stack Roboflow is available here. Today, I'm happy to announce the next generation of that neural network, Ask Roboflow, a machine learning model trained to answer p… See more
The New Stack
One developer recently gave the world another example of a neural network doing what humans do - or at least, simulating what humans do. It generates artificial questions about computing programming by mimicking posts on Stack Overflow, a popular community Q&A site run by Stack Exchange.
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AI bot that finds your code buddy in Slack

Atori is an artificial intelligence bot that helps you solve your code-related task, by connecting you with the right knowledge person in your community based on their skillset, area of expertise and availability.

Write her: I need help, Who can help me, or Find someone who can help me, or just Hi and she will take it from there.

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