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6 Alternatives to CNVS

Lean startup-style product validation, simplified.

GLIDR, from the creators of LaunchPad Central, is a product discovery and validation platform built to help your team 1) build a shared understanding of customer needs, 2) prioritize what to build, and 3) calibrate your go-to-market strategy. *Special Product Hunt discount: 20% off your first three months with code "producthunt".* FREE TRIAL

Jon Falker
Jon Falker- Director of Marketing @ GLIDR.IO
I'm biased, but the way GLIDR connects your canvas to your assumptions and allows you to then prioritize which experiments to run is pretty robust and dynamic. It also saves each week's canvas, so you can track how it has evolved over time. Check out this help article for more info:
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Gaining Perspective
Today's a big day for the GLIDR team...we're * launching GLIDR Team*. It's a new edition of our proven enterprise-grade software, only this version is geared specifically for product teams and entrepreneurs. If you're using spreadsheets and a confusing array of other tools to track your go-to-market experimentation, you'll be happy.
With over 187,000 hypotheses tested and almost 180,000 interviews conducted, LaunchPad Central is changing the landscape of innovation. Jim Hornthal explained to Josh how this organization is helping collect and manage learnings for startups and corporations and uses lean methodology to do it.
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Design and visualise your business model

Prasad Lingawar
Prasad Lingawar- Growth @ Plivo
Very useful and personally used it for generating a business model for my startup.
James Alfano
James Alfano
Jim Semick
Jim Semick- Founder, ProductPlan
I've used the business model canvas (and canvases like it) for years as part of validating new products and businesses, including my current business. It's a great way to work through the high risk portions of a business model. It's easy to use (I like to print it out in large format and then use sticky notes for discussion).
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