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Cloverly alternatives and competitors

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We're excited to launch Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets. You feed us information about emissions and we'll perform the offset. Built for ecommerce deliveries, rideshare miles driven, carbon calculators, and more!

Top alternatives for Cloverly

Online fundraising for growth-obsessed startups
  • Trefle

    Trefle is a global plants API, allowing everyone to build the next gardening apps and farming robots, search over (almost) all the plants of the world over multiple criterias, get up-to-date informations, taxonomical references and more

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  • Offset List

    A collection of 50+ companies that have committed to offsetting their carbon emissions and their public sustainability announcements.
  • Treeapp

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    Treeapp is a mobile app enabling anyone to plant a tree for free everyday in less than a minute.
    Open the app, choose your reforestation reforestation project, watch a 60 second advertisement, and the advertising brand will sponsor your tree!
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  • Every Plant, Ever

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    Claire Dierksen has been working for 2 years on a standardized set of plant illustrations for every known plant with no plans to stop. At 250 stickers and counting you can finally communicate via 59 peppers, 15 mushrooms, 29 herbs, 60 fruits, and 90 veggies.

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  • Cloverly for Slack

    Cloverly for Slack! Go to https://cloverly.com/slack to install, then use the /green slash-command to offset emissions. We built this Slack app to scratch our own itch. When commuting, traveling, making coffee, receiving shipments, offset the impact.
  • Carbon Offsets on Black Friday

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    Turning Black Friday into Green Friday.

    Instead of buying useless junk that fills up a landfill, let's fight climate change by offsetting your carbon emissions.

    Choose from verified carbon removal projects and contribute today.
  • Yoopact - offset your team's carbon

    The ultimate perk for your team. πŸ§β€β™€οΈπŸ§β€β™‚οΈ Offset your team's personal carbon footprint, FREE for the first 1-4 employees. 🌏 Hire and keep Gen Z employees, win conscious consumers and build your brand. 🀟
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