Alternative products to CleanSpeak

4 alternative and related products to CleanSpeak


Keep inappropriate content and trolls out of your community

4 Alternatives to CleanSpeak

Stop Inappropriate Comments using Artificial Intelligence

Smart Moderation protects you by automatically removing hate speech, spam and troll attacks from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube using Artificial Intelligence.

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Startup Savant
Ciler Ay Tek, CEO/Co-founder of Smart Moderation, the World's first Artificial Intelligence solution that automatically removes inappropriate user-generated comments from social profiles and digital platforms. Ciler is a Management Engineer with a background in Strategic Marketing Management and Digital Marketing. She spent more than 15 years changing the wa… See more
A new tool uses artificial intelligence to block spam messages and comments on social media. 8 Mar 2016 Moderating social media feeds or online comments is important for marketers and entrepreneurs, but looking after a business's social media accounts can be incredibly time consuming.
The American Genius
Smart Moderation is an artificial intelligence tool that understands the context of spammers' posts, saving your brand's reputation automatically. Have you ever received those weird comments on your Facebook page about "Someone finding bad pictures of you" or "Click here to get Taylor Swift's phone number?"
StartUp Beat
As well as bringing the world together on the same platforms, social sites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have also seen the rise of divisive online aggression making other users feel less comfortable about sharing and posting. Individuals and brands want their accounts to be free of trolls, spam and profanities.
Social Geek
Los diferentes plataformas sociales se han convertido en la principal herramienta para las empresas que desean llegar a un amplio público. Cientos de millones de personas utilizan diariamente las redes sociales para interactuar con amigos, compartir momentos o ponerse al día. Sin embargo, no todo es color de rosa.
As Instagram becomes more popular every day, issues with spam profiles & spam comments are also increasing. The other day, my friend who runs a very popular smartphone gadgets brand (called Screenguards) complained about increasing spam comments on his profile.
Washington Post
"Taylor Swift and the Case of the Disappearing Reptiles" is not a Nancy Drew knockoff I would choose to read - but since the Internet seems enthralled, let's do a little bit of sleuthing. In the aftermath of the Kimye/T-Swift "Famous" feud, you'll recall, critics flooded Swift's Instagram with emoji snakes.
Opinion: Some argue that AI will lead to the loss of jobs and the lack of a human element for community management. But the reality is that machine learning and bot technology allows human teams to focus their energy on providing the best, more positive experience possible for individual users, in a safe, moderated environment by replicating and automating r… See more
2 Alternatives to Smart Moderation

Automate moderation for your crypto community on Telegram

CryptoMod is a bot service designed to manage your crypto Telegram community so you don't have to.

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While cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is in its early adoption phase, it's imperative that the experience of the users doesn't tarnish their outlook on the technology. Most of this bad UX comes from communication channels in the form of scammers, phishing attacks, bad bots, and spam.
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