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Cityfalcon 2.0

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Lisa Siva- Founder at Samwise
Some great conversation starters for the water cooler. Also, if you invest at all, it's dead useful and never pandering. Great taste in newsletters, BTW - Hiten and Andrew Chen are both fabulous.
Michael Gunnulfsen- Software developer at
I read this every morning. Takes 3 minutes (🚽). Love the tone
Anders Kravis- Head of Product at Finimize
All the cool kids are reading it
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Use StockTwits to catch up quickly on the stocks you care about and new market trends. Find out what is happening in the market fast and get insight, updates, sentiment and analysis from thousands of real investors and traders.

Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Track stocks you care about, invest directly from the app and more.
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