Alternative products to Circadia

6 alternative and related products to Circadia

A complete sleep solution that resyncs your body clock

Circadia is a beautiful bedside lamp to help you fall asleep and wakeup peacefully.

6 Alternatives to Circadia

Learn to sleep better for a healthier & productive life

Shleep is the world’s first coaching sleep app developed by a team of sleep scientists. Shleep is your pocket sleep coach to help you improve your sleep in less than 5 minutes a day!

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Yes, it has a funny name but in an emerging tech field from Alibaba to Zenith, the new sleep app Shleep is getting a lot of attention for its clever interface, its complex approach to assessing energy and sleep, and a platform backed by hard science and a Dutch team's deep background in sleep studies.
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15 Alternatives to Shleep

A bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep pattern

North McCormick
North McCormick- Creative Engineer, Soloist app developer
In addition: SleepCycle with a paired Apple Watch is a neat combo. They have some new features that use taps to tell your body to stop snoring and wake you up with automatic snoozing based on your movements. I think it is possibly the most useful app with my Watch.
Mohamad Al Sadoon
Mohamad Al Sadoon- Marketing Director at Stay22
This app tracks your sleep pattern throughout the night and wakes you when you are in the right sleep cycle, I've been waking up feeling great ever since I started using it.
Cyn Armistead
Cyn Armistead- Atlanta, GA, US
It helps me determine which factors contribute to good sleep and it wakes me up gently!
17 Alternatives to SleepCycle

Sleep stories & meditations for insomniacs 😴

Slumber is a collection of ultra-relaxing sleep stories and meditations designed to help you fall asleep fast.

Michael Brandon
Michael Brandon- Founder, Slumber
The largest collection of sleep stories, meditations, and sounds for sleep!
Michael Brandon
Michael Brandon- Founder, Slumber
Great for those with anxiety based insomnia...
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16 Alternatives to Slumber
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