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Christmas Storybuilder

Generate Christmas themed storylines for kids

Generate random storylines with Storypoints that are easy to follow. You can get a completely new storyline with the shuffle button or tap to switch only a single item.

5 alternative and related products to Christmas Storybuilder

Bedtime Stories

An ever-growing collection of empowering children stories

Choose from many different Storyworlds in every kind of genre written by authors from all around the world. Each Storyworld contains at least 5 stories with familiar characters and setting. The first story of each Storyworld is always free.

In this series of articles, we will share some insights on how we've built this app, the community and everything around it. With the international launch on Oct 27th, we've arrived at an important milestone - the beginning of an exciting journey. We thought it would be worth to dive deeper into how Bedtime Stories came to be.
3 Alternatives to Bedtime Stories

Storytime for Kids

Free app with unique children's stories to read aloud.

The Storytime app gives you access to tons of children's stories to read aloud. Anytime and anywhere. The free app contains unique stories and rhymes that you won't find anywhere else, written by enthusiastic parents and writers. The stories are suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years.

8 Alternatives to Storytime for Kids
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