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3 alternative and related products to Chirps

High protein, low fat, gluten free Cricket chips
3 Alternatives to Chirps

The Gluten Project is the first website in the world for searching all 35,000+ certified gluten free products!

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A good friend of mine has Celiac disease, which means he can't eat any gluten. While eating "gluten-free" has for some reason turned into the hip thing to do in recent years, for him it's a serious health concern that makes going out to eat or grocery shopping a whole ordeal.
Whether you're sensitive to gluten, have a wheat allergy or have been diagnosed with celiac disease, it can be difficult to navigate life on a gluten-free diet. The stuff is everywhere and seemingly in everything! To help those who are trying to be gluten-free, a young couple from Dayton, Ohio have started The Gluten Project.
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Taali is a superfood snack made from popped water lily seeds. Taali's Water Lily Pops are a natural, high-protein, gluten free alternative to the fatty, highly processed snacks currently taking up space on grocery shelves. They have 67% less fat, 20% less calories and more plant protein than popcorn.

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With so many new products in the supermarket, it's hard to tell how to make the right food choices - especially when options are marketed as "all-natural" or having "natural flavors." TODAY health and wellness contributor David Zinczenko drops by to decipher it all, sharing his picks such as Chocolate Chunk Blondies from Rule Breaker Snacks.
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The NEXTY Awards program recognizes innovative natural products that inspire and uphold industry integrity.
Ready-to-eat popcorn is a posterchild of the better-for-you snack movement, but the co-founders of start-up Taali Foods think they can do even better with launch of a line of popped and roasted water lily seeds, which pack more protein and nutrients than their corn-based counterpart.
8 Alternatives to Taali
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