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Charitweet alternatives and competitors

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Donate to charity with a Tweet
  • HandUp Gift Cards

    HandUp lets you donate essentials like toiletries, clothes, and housing directly to homeless individuals in your neighborhood.

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  • An early bitcoin investor has established an $86 million philanthropy project that will donate bitcoins to charities and causes across the globe.

    If you know a registered nonprofit charity, encourage them to apply on the fund's website! Registered charities are preferred, but the fund is open to supporting charitable causes as well.

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    This seems like a great idea. With so much money in bit coins. I hope this product works well.

  • Ella 1.0 helps you learn how charities generate income, how they spend supporters money and how the general public feels about the charity - so you can make a more informed decision about your giving.

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    Great work!

  • Use your professional skills to help charities
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    Keep continue.


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    Weโ€™re your starting POINT to do more goodโ€”during and after COVID. Find places to volunteer and give in your city, and track your impact. Plus, with POINT nonprofits get free tech, extra funding, and people-power.
    Available on iOS & Android
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  • Outkarma

    A community of givers dedicated to helping others financially and improving their Karma. Karma means you get what you deserve. So the more you give, the more you receive. This product is built entirely without code using a no-code template from Zeroqode (https://zeroqode.com)

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  • Skrlla

    Send $1 to charity in a single tap
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  • Hopely

    Hopely is a search engine with a passion for good causes. With every search we donate half of all generated advertising revenues to charities. It's free of cost!

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  • Weโ€™re working with a local NGO to provide education to 33 underprivileged children between the ages of 6-14. For four days, all the profits from your orders will fund the purchase and build out of our second school.

    THIS YEARS PROJECT IS NOW LIVE ON PH: producthunt.com/posts/kotn-black-friday-project-2

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  • #OneBigTweet

    Donate your twitter followers to charity
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  • Stay a Night, Give a Night is a creative program to allocate tourism dollars to one of Seattleโ€™s most pressing social issues: homelessness.

    Travelers stay with a local during their visit to Seattle. As thanks for host's hospitality, for every night they stay, they fund the equivalent of one night's shelter for a homeless child at Mary's Place.

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    Made my first trip to Manhattan the best I've had yet. Wish I would have used it for my last few visits there.

  • TAP London is a new organisation which employs individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

    Purchase a ยฃ3 TAP art card through a safe contactless machine. Published weekly, TAP cards feature a piece of art which comments on that week's news. Your cash goes to supporting a living wage for the vendor who is facing homelessness.

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    You guy's doing fantastic work i appreciate your hard work keep going bless you.

  • Dollar Street helps you imagine the world as a street. All houses are lined up by income, the poor living to the left and the rich to the right. Everybody else somewhere in between. Where would you live? Would your life look different than your neighboursโ€™ from other parts of the world, who share the same income level?

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  • Fix Flint's Water

    Elon pledged to fix any houses with unsafe levels of drinking water in Flint.

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  • Charity Navigator

    Objective ratings to find charities you can trust & support
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  • Zakatify

    Zakatify provides an easier and more meaningful way for Muslims to fulfill their charitable obligations. Users can discover nearly 1,500 zakat-eligible charities in the US, create a personalized portfolio of favorite charities, set an annual zakat goal and allow automatic distribution of funds, or donate immediately to the causes they care about.

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  • microChange

    microChange is the future of philanthropy. Charities send donors on-the-ground snaps of their work, and donors send back money instantly. Donors can create charity portfolios and follow their friends.

    Giving that's visual, simple, social.

    Get early access at https://microchange.io

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  • Elbi

    Where love unlocks change
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