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Catalyst Case for Airpods alternatives and competitors

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This waterproof, drop proof case means that now you can easily take your AirPods anywhere without the worry.

Top Catalyst Case for Airpods alternatives
  • PodCase is an iPhone and AirPod charging case with a built in backup battery. It keeps your iPhone and AirPods in one place and charges them with a single USB-C cable. Check it out on Kickstarter.

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    If you add to this case dildo holder - I will buy it.

  • ZenPod is designed to give you a subtle fidgeting outlet with two integrated high-precision bearings.

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    come one!... just add a Neodymium magnet (they are so cheap even boxes of throw away shit from walmart has them) and a coil... and voila! -…

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  • AirPlus

    Beside Wireless Charging feature, AirPlus has its own outstanding features such as Easy to Install & Remove, Hard to Fall Out, 5 Color Options, Wireless Charging Time is as Fast as cable, and especially AirPlus is NOW AVAILABLE on Kickstarter with a very reasonable price $15 (LIMITED Reward) and with a specific distribution date 20/06/2018!

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  • ZenPod Pro

    The most addicting case for AirPods is back and this time, we've gone Pro! We stepped up the design with a with a soft microfiber internal lining, more balanced and secured steel bearings, and improved fit and hinge design.
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  • NOMAD cases for AirPods are a two-piece construction built with Horween leather. This case keeps your AirPods slim, provides additional style, and adds drop and scratch protection.

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    They have some pretty cool colors including "nude" leather.

  • Introducing Anchor, an innovative carry solution utilizing the Lightning Port to connect your AirPods Charging Case to just about anything. The Titanium carabiner pairs well with the Titanium Apple Watch. Now Live on Kickstarter. Delivers in November.
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  • AirPodPal

    AirPodPal is the first of its kind anywhere and makes your AirPods even easier to CARRY, CHARGE & FIND. It extends the possibilities of your AirPods: making them safer to carry anywhere, switching the wired charging to wireless charging, and increasing the battery life to one whole week.

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  • Ness Vessel

    Protect and secure your AirPods in style.
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