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Cards Against Originality
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11 Alternatives to Cards Against Originality

The party game of competitive inappropriateness

Unruly Bastards is a hilarious party game that lets you be as creatively inappropriate as you are willing to go! The game is very simple. In each round there is one judge, the judge reads a THEME and a MODIFIER card out loud, each of the players then has to act out the theme as dictated by the modifier, the winner becomes the new judge.

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Be the loud, boorish, inappropriate life of the party in this fun, new Kickstarter. In Unruly Bastards, players are rewarded for being as inappropriately creative as possible. One player is picked in each round to act as an all-powerful Judge. The Judge then picks a theme card and a modifier card, and players must perform that combination.
(PG-13: Language) Unruly Bastards is a simple but fun card game where you have to act out an outrageous and thoroughly rude situation as a character. Each...
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A tool that gives designers a fun way to ask hard questions

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Design may not be solely responsible for technology's negative effects on society, but it is complicit. There's the obvious stuff, like dark patterns that try to manipulate users into behaving a certain way. There are also more innocuous-seeming designs, like interfaces built to maximize user engagement, which have had some devastating, if unintended, conseq… See more
12 Alternatives to The Tarot Cards of Tech
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