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Cards Against Humanity

A party game for horrible people.

8 alternative and related products to Cards Against Humanity

The Tarot Cards of Tech

A tool that gives designers a fun way to ask hard questions

Design may not be solely responsible for technology's negative effects on society, but it is complicit. There's the obvious stuff, like dark patterns that try to manipulate users into behaving a certain way. There are also more innocuous-seeming designs, like interfaces built to maximize user engagement, which have had some devastating, if unintended, conseq… See more
11 Alternatives to The Tarot Cards of Tech

Story Bowl

Learn more about your family and friends this holiday

Story Bowl is a game for laughing and learning new things about your friends. Imagine a lively game of charades, but the words are actually stories about each other. Act out each other's stories in outrageous ways, and at the end everyone has a story to tell. It's a great game to play with family and friends over the holidays. Hope you enjoy!

I don't remember how many years it's been since my friends and I started playing the Meredith Game. Named for a friend of a friend of a friend none of us have ever met, the Meredith Game is part guessing game, part charades.
8 Alternatives to Story Bowl

What are your favorite board games?

Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
Cards Against Humanity - A party game for horrible people.
"Extremely fun at parties!"
Exploding Kittens - A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions.
"Whimsical and strategic at the same time 💛"
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