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Hides your Mac desktop icons

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Click a button to hide all the desktop icons on your Mac

Julie Delanoy- Design at Product Hunt
If you like Bartender 2 to keep your menu bar clean, I'd recommend HiddenMe to hide icons on your desktop.
Alberto Betella- CTO @ Badi. PhD in Emotion AI.
Fantastic to clean your desktop before official presentations (who wants to re-organize icons on the desktop? Nobody! We just want to temporarily hide them 😉)
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Unclutter your desktop, clear your mind. a one-click solution to remove all noisy icons from your Mac desktop. No more seeing those unwanted shortcuts all over your beautiful wallpapers.

Kirill Zubovsky
The idea was born during my 4th year at the University of Toronto. I was the chair of National Business and Technology Conference, and to engage more outstanding students the team and I were running monthly events focused around business, entrepreneurship, and tech topics. Every time we had an event,
Signal Tower
I'm 26. I'm an engineer. I moved out to the west coast a couple of years ago, shortly after graduating from university, I knew I wanted to work on startups. I spent a year hacking on different ideas, learning things, and trying to understand where my passion was.
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